Medieval Castles in Germany

During medieval times, the construction of castles in Germany differed from the northern and southern regions of the country with the south highlighting a more fairytale construction. In this article, you will encounter a handful of well-known castles that thrived during medieval German times, as well as the ghost that haunts the castle Falkenstein.

Architecture Trends of the Past

Castles in medieval Germany that thrived during medieval times were usually built with the intention of being surrounded by water. They had a circular appearance, which was a trend that dominating the lowland districts of the north. In the southern region, castles in Germany were placed on higher ground, but the décor was intriguing with fairytale qualities , thanks to the spires and towers added in their construction.

German castles during medieval times were influenced by its close proximity to other cultures, which helped to diversify the country’s architectural styles. Additionally, soldiers and German rulers coming back from war would bring back new ideas they had encountered when battling their opponents. From the building materials to the interior design, German castles truly advanced with the establishment of early feudal German states.  

The Ghostly Medieval Falkenstein

Situated in the scenic mountainous region of Selke Valley, you will find Falkenstein in Hettstedt, which has done a pretty fair job of surviving throughout the years. Constructed to endure heavy attack, attacking armies had to pass through more than six doors before they actually reached the central part of the castle. It was at this castle that Eike von Repkow collected information for the infamous Sachsenspiegel book of law. Today, the castle provides access to a large hunting museum, as it was used as a hunting lodge for several years after its days as a medieval castle.

The castle is said to be the home of a ghost dubbed the “White Lady of Falkenstein,” who has a reputation of appearing at midnight. There is a ghost tale about a supposed treasure chest that lies on the premises of the castle. As the story goes, an employee of the castle claims that the White Lady approached her and told her that one day she would meet up with glowing eyes that would hold a key in its mouth that would unlock a treasure chest hidden in the castle. The worker claims that she did encounter a dog with glowing eyes but because she was too scared to retrieve the key, she missed her chance at having the means to unlock the supposed treasure of Falkenstein.

If you are interested in researching other medieval castles in Germany, consider the following:

Wartburg , Constructed between the 12th and 13th centuries with an elevation of more than 1300 feet high.

Neuschwanstein , As the dream of King Ludwig, he died before seeing the completed castle, which boasts rooms of interest, such as the Minstrel Hall and Throne Room.