Mikes Viewpoint on Enjoying Life

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Enjoy Life

Everyday there is much change all around. The weather changes, the time changes, and the mood changes. Every thing is constantly moving. Cars are always moving forward, stop lights are always blinking a different color then the ones behind them, and the wind lets the trees and the grass dance for a while with the lonely leaves”¦. People often get so caught up in their own movement that it becomes impossible to notice the every day change that is all around.

The things we use to appreciate are the things we take for granted. The glass of happiness and satisfaction gets bigger and more difficult to fill up. The routine of wanting more is a daily inevitability. In todays world wanting more is all we know. Social icons and television always promise happiness and satisfaction as long as we keep doing “this” or keep buying “that”. The tolerance level for happiness shoots way up, and what ever satisfies us now, must be more complex then what did satisfy us a week ago. If only we could learn to appreciate the things we take for granted, and the things that are not so complex, we could then be ultimately satisfied and remain happy forever.

Every day there is much change all around, while the one thing that needs a good change, doesn’t. We fear change because change could interrupt our stability and it could ruin our temporary satisfaction. Sometimes we know we could use a change, but we pretend that we don’t, –and soon that thought gets pushed to the back of our mind, only to come out when we are alone. For some of us change is brought by inspiration, for others, change is brought by tragedy, and some times, every once and a while, the idea of change just clicks. When it clicks, you could be going through your mid life crisis, looking back on your so called life. And you also could be old, wise and on your death bed finally realizing what it’s all about, or you could be a 15-year-old with an open mind. But no matter when it clicks, it will feel like your reborn, viewing the world for the first time. A while after the great change you will notice the every day change that is all around, and appreciate it like you once did, and not only will your glass of happiness and satisfaction be full like before, it will overflow, and that’s when you will realize that every thing is gonna be alright.