Miley Cyrus’ Music Video for ‘We Can’t Stop’ Comes Complete with Illuminati Symbolism

The Miley Cyrus we once knew was first marketed to the younger generation as Hannah Montana – she was one in a long line of tween Disney creations used to influence the masses of teenagers who viewed such characters as role models. Over the years, Cyrus consistently shed her child-like image, and became more risqué as she inched towards womanhood. She’s reinvented her image several different times, including her latest endeavor, a song titled ‘We Can’t Stop,’ which is accompanied by a music video that showcases Illuminati symbolism.

‘We Can’t Stop’ is a song from Cyrus’ fourth studio album, and was officially released on June 3, 2013. Interestingly, the song was originally written with suspected Illuminati puppet Rihanna in mind, but it eventually went to Cyrus, who announced the single’s name at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards Show. The song has been described as a more ‘funky, R&B’ sound than most of her previous hits.

In addition to Illuminati-related references, the music video also shows Cyrus in a different light. From the clothes she wears, her gestures, the emphasis of gold, and other changes to her appearance (at one point, she is seen showing off a gold tooth), the changes are quite apparent.

It’s not uncommon for the Illuminati to use influential fresh talent to brainwash, inspire, and incite the younger generation. Cyrus already has a history of promiscuous behavior and appearances. For example, questionable photos of the actress/singer have been leaked across the Internet. She’s done away with her long locks for a much shorter, edgier hairstyle. It seems to be a popular trend amongst young females in the entertainment industry to shave off all hair, shave one side of the head, or embrace edgy styles in times of transition or turmoil. These kinds of actions often prompt some to suspect Monarch programming as seen in Britney Spear’s case, and tend to create thoughts of the celebrity trying to ‘reclaim’ their lives.

In ‘We Can’t Stop,’ we see the following Illuminati-related symbols and references in the music video:

  • As Cyrus presses her finger on a piece of Beats Audio equipment, take a look at her pointer finger, and you will find a tattoo of the all-seeing eye.
  • In the midst of a crowd of youth, one of the males display what appears to be the ‘666’ hand gesture, which resembles the ‘A-OK’ hand gesture. Cyrus herself is seen lying back on a bed, flashing the same ‘666’ hand gesture.
  • In the video, Cyrus embraces all-seeing eye imagery (or single-eye symbolism) in the facial statements that she makes by deliberately closing one eye. Cyrus is seen in advertisements for the music video as posing with one eye closed.

The lyrics of ‘We Can’t Stop’ are also questionable, and seem to promote the younger generation to lead a reckless life, and follow a lifestyle and/or behaviors that are chaotic and/or rebel against authority:

  • “This is our house/ This is our rules and we can’t stop/ And we won’t stop”.

Some have read into statements made in her song as encouraging drug use:

  • “Everyone’s in line at the bathroom / Tryna get a line in the bathroom” – a possible reference to cocaine
  • “We like to party/ Dancing with Molly” – “Molly” is a slang term for a newer drug that’s popular with today’s youths.