Mind Control

 Can people really change events in the present by concentrating hard enough?  It seems to me that as many times it has happened, complete mind control over people and events can happen.


 In the 1980s the best part of 30 scientists working in top secret projects, mostly computer programmers, died in very strange and unexplained circumstances. Marconi was the major company involved, but there were others like Plessey and British Aerospace. In 1986 Vimal Dajibhai, who was working for Marconi Underwater Systems, drove from London to Bristol were he no connection with anyone or thing, and threw himself off the famous suspension bridge. A few months before Arshad Sharif, a computer programmer for Marconi Defence drove himself to Bristol from London, and hanged himself.                              

Why Bristol? It is a former Knights Templar port and its name has evolved from Barati, the Phoenician goddess. It just so happens that an elite unit of British Intelligence called the Committee of 26 is based there and they use the runway at the British Aerospace complex to fly British and foreign agents in and out of the country. BUT WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? It means that during this period of the 1980’s there were many weird and uncalled for deaths for agencies on the cutting edge of the ‘defence’ industries. hat possesses a man to get into his car, drive more than two hours to the Bristol Suspension Bridge, and jump off? Mind control possibly?


 David Sands a very skilled and professional scientist also working in the defence area. THis guy was a genius and loved his job! But at thirty-four he up and decided he didn’t want to do it anymore he quote, “wanted to change my lifestyle.”  happily married with two small children, a son six and a three year old daughter. Sands and his wife had just returned from an enjoyable holiday in Venice when he died in mysterious circumstances. Although they are not so mysterious if you understand mind control. He worked for a guy named Easums who worked for the ‘defence’ agency.
It appears that while Sands and his wife were in Venice, the company was visited by members of the elite British police unit, the Special Branch. Then, on Saturday, March 28th 1987, David Sands told his wife he was going out to refuel the car, but he didn’t return for six hours. No-one has any idea where he was, but I think I do. His wife, Anna, called the police and constable John Hiscock was at the house when Sands returned at 10.20pm. Asked the obvious question  “Where have you been?”, he said that he had been driving and thinking. His wife said that it was out of character for him to be away for so long and she didn’t think he realised how long he had been out. He seemed confused, but happy, she said. Two days later, on Monday, March 30th, he climbed into his excellently maintained Austin Maestro and began his regular journey from his home in Itchen Abbas, near Winchester, to Easams at Camberley in Surrey. His wife said that there was nothing unusual about his demeanour or behaviour and driving conditions were good. But about 30 minutes into the journey when David Sands was driving along the A303 at Popham, near Basingstoke, he suddenly did a U-turn across the dual carriageway and headed at high speed in the opposite direction to his destination. Turning onto a slip road at about 80 miles an hour, Sands then drove his car straight into a disused cafe building killing himself in an explosion of flame. There were no skid marks. He had not even tried to stop. It is so clear that during the time he was missing, his mind was being programmed and all it took was a trigger word, sign, sound or action, and the programming was activated. At that point he would have switched from his normal self to a man focused only on driving into the cafe building and blowing himself away. The subconscious programming overpowers the conscious mind and robot replaces human. BUT WHO WAS DOING THIS ALL? Obviously Easums the inside guy who kept his mouth shut. He knew enough about Sands to get inside his mind and lead him to make crazy decisions. But thats just me.   

 But you might ask what is the meaning and connection of these stories? I give you object A,……Princess Diana. Henri Paul the driver of Diana’s vehicle in Paris was missing three hours before the crash, and our buddy Sands was missing 6 hours before he crashed into the cafe. But nobody knows who set Paul’s mind to subconsiously crash that car into the 13th pillar. But to do so there had to have been a trigger, like hypnosis,probaly a sound or a sentence. But he was programmed like a robot, as our buddy Sands says. So truly mind control is a killing and chilling possibilty.

         MInd control can happen and some people do have the power to do so. But when tampered with by the wrong people, deadly.