Ministry of Defense Says No to Sea Monsters

  Those who claim the Ministry of Defense has a massive archive filled with tales of sea monsters were disappointed when a Freedom of Information Act request resulted in a response that no archives existed  for sea monsters on the Defense Department’s books.  There was until now a theory that all of the Loch Ness and giant squid sightings were collected and filed in government files by the ministry.  Interestingly enough this official policy is completely different from the official line on UFOs which the MoD has been keeping detailed books on for over 50 years prior to it being shut down in December of last year.


The FOIA request resulted in a declaration by the MOD that Sailors are free to note any unusual sightings on the ocean in their own books, but are not required to do so.  In addition, there is no specific protocol for keeping such documents.  The official channel to reporting strange aquatic phenomena in the United Kingdom is through the UK Hydrographic Office.  Normally the Hydrographic Office specializes in navigational charts and services for ship captains and their crews, but they do sometimes collect any unusual sightings to keep on file, but not necessarily investigate on their own due to lack of funding for such endeavors.  The FOIA request was submitted by a marine biologist who was interested in the subject of giant sea creatures that have not been reported to the mainstream of science.


The official response was, “The RN and MOD in general, does not maintain any form of central repository of information purely devoted to sea monsters… Personnel might be inclined to record unusual sightings in ship’s logs but there is, as far as we know, no actual requirement for them to do so, and it would be beyond the resource constraints of a Freedom of Information request to check every line of every RN log book for any such references since 2005.”  They went on to say, “However, the RN does invite people to report sightings of marine mammals, and it’s possible this could include unusual sightings.”  The MOD then declared that these unusual sightings were forwarded to the UK Hydrographic Office in Taunton.

A lack of protocol for officially reporting the phenomenon does not, however, mean it never happens.  Several reports have come up in recent years where creatures have been reported by fishing trawlers and there have even been some submitted pilot sightings.  In 1997 there was even a massive sound of organic origin that suggested a creature of incredible size, far greater than anything previously investigated by scientists.  The case remains to this day open and is officially known as the “Bloop” signal.  In addition to that, occasionally a photograph crops up over the internet showing a fishing ship that has captured a massive creature that seems to be a rotting dinosaur of some sort.  And others claim to have seen the massive squid that have been spotted throughout history even going back to the first days of mariners who would say they came from the edge of the world.