More Interesting Facts about Healing Gemstones

In India, people believe there are healing powers in gemstones, including diamonds, pearls, and rubies. They are used to channel energy, bring good luck, as well as ward off the negative effects of planets. In this article, you’ll learn more about the above gemstones, as well as yellow sapphires.


Some diseases are said to respond to a flawless diamond. The gemstone is also associated with saving people from poisonous insects, animals, and fatal accidents.


Wearing a high quality pearl opens the doors to enhancing your overall mood and well being. It is said that a wearer can obtain the characteristics of their pearl. Some wearers believe they are blessed by the goddess Lakshmi, who is in charge of prosperity. They feel they will become sinless and gain intelligence, as well as other long-living qualities.

It is suggested to choose a pearl with a yellow luster to increase your chances of prosperity. Pearls with a red tint are thought to enhance the intelligence of a wearer. If you’re looking to become famous, seek out a pearl that is shining with whiteness. Good fortune is often associated with a pearl that possesses a hint of blue.


There are a few rituals associated with getting the most out of the rubies that you select. It is said that you should purchase a ruby in the ascending moon cycle on a Sunday, Monday or Thursday. A setting of blended gold and copper is said to be the best materials for a mounting of a ring with the stone. The gemstone should be positioned so that it touches the skin of whoever is wearing the ring. To gain the best results from wearing a ruby ring, sunrise is considered the best time of the day.


Yellow is not the only color that this kind of sapphire is found in. The gem may appear golden or orange. There is also a colorless variation that is called a ‘white sapphire.’ However, when looking for the highest amount of energy and potential for the best results from yellow sapphires, choose a gem that is lemon-yellow in color, which is affected by the presence of iron and titanium.

Although viewed as inferior in quality to Burmese sapphires, Sri Lanka is a nice place to find yellow sapphires, as well as light green, and colorless varieties. Brazil also has abundance of sapphires that come in shades of yellow, green, pink, red, blue, violet, and color-less.

Yellow Sapphires

It is believed that a real yellow sapphire can cure a poisonous insect bite if it is immediately rubbed on the affected skin.

When used in its oxide form, Indian culture states that yellow sapphires are believed to treat the following medical concerns: gastritis, constipation, flatulence, cough, colds, asthma, nosebleed, tumors, and tuberculosis. If an individual is suffering from issues caused by an ill-aligned Jupiter, yellow sapphires are thought to aid in healing.