Morphogenetic Field

We all have a specific shape and body but we are all (as humans) shaped similarly. How is this possible? DNA contains information about cell behavior, but we know that each cell has a specific place and a specific role even if all the cells contain the same DNA. Maybe the DNA contains distinct information we can’t measure today and in the future we will be able to decode this information, but some scientists have discovered some outstanding facts which make it hard to believe that the DNA alone is the precursor to the shape of the body. The DNA plays a role in constructing chemical elements which will build the cell behaviors. But from where does it know how to build them together so that they will work collectively?

Some experiments have been done on rats. They were put in a maze and at its exit was the food. The first generation took a certain amount of time to find the exit. The following generations took less time (the maze was the same circuit but not the same object to avoid rats smelling the old rat’s trail) . Does this information (the way to the exit) become coded in their DNA and so the next generation was able to find the way innately? The current theory about the DNA doesn’t permit this explanation. Furthermore, the experiment has also been done with rats of a different family and in a different place in the world and it was still the same result: the rats became faster and faster with each successive generation (no matter which family) in finding the exit in the maze. How is this possible?

Is there a storage of information stocked somewhere outside their bodies which is accessible by the DNA in order for it to know how to construct each cell and determine its functions? Is it also by this means that the rats can learn their way to the maze’s exit? It was a British biologist Rupert Sheldrake who did these experiments on the rats. He finally posited a theory of morphogenetic fields where the information about the shape of the body and other species characteristic are stocked outside the body, with the DNA as only an interpreter. It connects to this morphogenetic field in order to build the body. Similar experiments have been done on crystals: when a new chemical compound is first created it will crystallize slowly, but when other researchers repeat the experiment they find it occurs more quickly.