Movie Release for Thundercats Film is 2015 – What Kind of Symbolism Will it Contain?

Hollywood has a habit of recycling favorite movies, comic book characters, and cartoons to grab the attention of today’s viewers, as well as provide a bit of nostalgia to those curious to see a remake. With talks that have been years in the making, an action-adventure project aims to bring back to life the characters of the popular 1980’s cartoon, Thundercats. With rumors of Vin Diesel and Tyrese Gibson taking on roles, it is a possibility that Warner Bros. Picture will produce the CG-animated feature with an anticipated release date in 2015. Will the new version include references to the Illuminati and occult just as the original did nearly 30 years ago?

The original animated TV series of Thundercats dates back to 1985, and the fictional assortment of cat -like humanoid alien characters were the brainchild of Tobin “Ted” Wolf. Although the series ended in 1989, the characters lived on in comic books, video games, DVD box sets, clothing, and the launching of a second television series in 2011. The summer 2010 release of a Thundercats movie had been put on hold, but the desire to produce one is still alive.

The original Thundercats animated series offers a colorful past – one that is quite interesting for a TV show geared towards the younger population. As with numerous animated, child-targeted shows, Thundercats possesses its own hidden or questionable images, themes and references that has definitely rubbed some people the wrong way.

Across the Internet, a Thundercats episode titled ‘Exodus’ is often shared and circulated as a way to highlight some of the Masonic, Illuminati, and occult symbolism associated with the cartoon.

An object that plays an important role in the Thundercats cartoon is the sword. It is one that has a light that points towards to the sky when activated– quite similar to the Masonic reference of the all-seeing eye. As the description of the sword is given in the cartoon – it is explained that the ‘eye sleeps until needed’ and that ‘looking through the magic apertures will give you sight beyond sight.’ When asked how to use it, the answer is: ‘the eye will know when it is needed before you do.’ Interesting description of the sword, which sounds a lot like an ‘all-seeing eye.’

Upon the chest of the villain, there is a symbol of serpents which are creatures often associated with Satan and Devil worship. Pyramids also figure heavily into the scheme of things, as we see the eye of Thundera situated at the peak point of the stairs forming what looks much like an illuminated all-seeing eye – this is found in the opening sequence for the cartoon.

Other instances in which the pyramid plays a role in the cartoon series include:

  • A hologram of what is referred to as Cobra’s ‘Pyramid of Power’
  • The heads of the obelisk create an ‘Energy Pyramid.’
  • Mum’Ra’s Black pyramid

As for the movie version of ‘Thundercats,’ concept art for the film had been leaked a couple years ago. Movieline posted a few images, which included a popular character, as well as the following pyramid-like graphic, which is most likely to represent the lair of the villain from the original cartoon.