Movies that Feature Werewolves: the Howling Franchise

During the 1980s, a lot of werewolf movies were released and the Howling was a collection of films that were quite popular during the decade. In this article, you will learn more about the Howling franchise and some of the plots presented within the storyline.

“The Howling” (1981)

The special effects of the Howling caught the attention of movie-goers with successful scare tactics and suspenseful transformations. The first installment of the movies featured Dee Wallace as a TV news reporter named Karen White who goes to a psychiatric resort for treatment for a case of amnesia after a near-fatal encounter with a serial killer. She soon learns that the grounds are crawling with werewolves. The tagline for the first installment of the Howling was “Imagine your worst fear a reality.”

“Howling II , Your Sister is a Werewolf” (1985)

Ben is the brother of a woman who was killed by one of the werewolves seen in the original Howling. He is told that the world is inhabited by werewolves that are planning to take over. He disregards the information until a werewolf hunter named Stefan convinces him otherwise. Ben is invited to join Stefan’s band of lycanthrope hunters in Transylvania. They are on the mission to kill the Queen of the Werewolves named Stirba, who also has an army of werewolves on her side.

In the movie, werewolves are concealed in coffins, only to rise again at a later date. The bodies must be probably killed so that the beasts are not allowed to kill or transform. Christopher Lee stars in this film as Stefan Crosscoe. Some of the taglines used to promote this sequel included: “Twice the terror! Twice the torment, “”Nightmares never die, ” “The rocking, shocking, new wave of horror!, ” and “It’s not over yet.”

“Howling III” , the Marsupials (1987)

In this installment of the Howling movies, the third film highlights a race of human-like marsupials that start suddenly appearing throughout Australia. There is a sociologist in the movie that is studying the creatures. He happens to fall in love with a female one, but can their attraction.

“Howling V: the Rebirth” (1989)

There is mystery and murder associated that comes with this Howling sequel. It highlights the events that take place when guests settle in at an ancient castle in Budapest, and they must decipher who out of all present is a werewolf that has been killing people. All of the guests come from different walks of life, as they find themselves at a location that has been sealed for 500 years. While the film is linked to the Howling sequels, it is not based on the novels written by Gary Brandner, which helped produce the Howling I, II, and III.