Music and Brain: How They Relate to Boost Your Creativity

Last Updated on May 26, 2020 by admin

Until now, you might have come across several ways of boosting creativity such as sharpening your skills, exercising, relaxing, taking up some course, and even meditation. Coming across several such ways is not a coincidence, as looking around for inspiration is spontaneous when there is a need. For example, if you are a writer who is looking for new ways to write innovatively, you will certainly come across some most unique or interesting ways. One of them is certainly listening to music!

Believe it or not, many writers and other people who are willing to be creative are getting inspired from music for coming out with some uniquely imaginative ideas. This inspiration is not imagined one, but proven one. Several studies have also proven that music affects the brain so deeply that it can boost both IQ and creativity. This includes any class of genre of music. So, let us check out how music can influence your brain for boosting creativity.

Brings Changes to Brain Waves

Evidence exists as to whether your brain waves are influenced by music while listening to it. Usually, in normal situations, the human brain generates beta waves ranging from 15 to 20 hertz. While listening to music at a pulse of 60 beats, the elevation occurs to alpha waves existing between 8 and 13 hertz. Once the pinnacle of creativity is reached, the brain generates theta waves ranging from 4 to 7 hertz. This itself says that creativity is up when the brain is more relaxed. This is perhaps the secret why classical music is among the top genres for getting inspired.

Improves Focus and Mood

There are people who get distracted more by silence than by music. Moreover, these days, you will find people doing Math or any other tough chore while listening to music. Why so? That is because music helps increase both mood and focus by changing the frequency waves in different parts of the brain. It actually depends upon the type of music you like, such as classical, rock, or hip-hop. No matter what you wish to do, there needs to be the right mood without which it is not possible to come out with creativity. Music just makes you set your mood! Just play your favorite songs and see how your mood changes to a more vibrant state.

Acts As a Robust Anchor

Can you think of some songs that makes you recall a specific moment, a person, or even an experience?  Well, that is called anchoring and can be utilized to transit to a place in time, which help coming up with ideas or feelings for composing creativity.