New Gravitational Propulsion Research Group Information

Last Updated on June 2, 2020 by

Gravitational Propulsion Research continues as we expand with a new group in Google Groups at;


We also have changed one word (TECH) in the URL at our older (reincarnated) Gravitational Propulsion Research Group at Yahoo;

Please note if you visit our new Gravitational Research Group in Google, that there are a number of free downloads of data and theories, as well as a large number of links to some new theories and documents being released for the first time completely free for scientific research purposes, as long as they are not to be sold to third persons. This is being done to further the knowledge of all, and so free use is expected to be maintained.

There have been a few complaints that some of the file storage services may not work well in all countrys. If there is any problem with a download, please let me know at my email listed at the bottom of the Yahoo Group as Group owner.I will do all I can to get the file you want to you, either by telling you other download sites, or by sending it to you myself. (Note many email services will not allow an attachment larger than 10 MB)

I also must mention that I am looking for an assistant manager/moderator at the new Gravitational Propulsion Research Group in Google, to help give me more time to work on current research I am involved in. Of course I’d like someone that can understand the true principles involved in Gravitational Propulsion, and so would recommend reviewing the GP theory zip downloads at that site, also a general scientific interest would be a plus.But this new group is designed to be much more open to a wider variety of concepts, so almost anything goes that is anywhere near “on topic”.

On the new Google Group, non members can post, but will be moderated. Also non members are free to download any of the theory files and various Zip files. Anyone wishing to join the google group may do so, all are accepted for free. However there is a temporary moderation period for new members.But downloads are not restricted.

Hope all enjoy the new directions we are starting to take, and hope a wide variety of concepts are shared to the benefit of all.


Jim Stevenson