New Mark Dice Book Explores the Illuminati in the Music Industry

If you follow the latest news regarding the Illuminati and other secret societies, then the name Mark Dice should already ring a bell. Dice is considered a knowledgeable resource for all things Illuminati, as he’s made quite a name for himself by exploring and educating the public on conspiracy theories, Satanic secret societies, and other related groups. Released on Halloween, Dice’s book, the ‘Illuminati in the Music Industry,’ includes more than 200 pages of information and photos regarding the topic.

The Illuminati in the Music Industry concentrates on getting to the bottom of claims that suggest a handful of celebrities have connections to the Illuminati or support a secret agenda to promote Satanism through their music and other activities. Heavy hitters in the music industry, such as Jay-Z and Kanye West, are just some of the people that Dice mentions in his book.

In regards to some of the suspected leading Illuminati puppets of the industry, it’s rather difficult to ignore the hidden messages within lyrics, the constant symbolism found in music videos, as well as the things that celebrities support both within and outside of the music world.  If you’ve ever had suspicions, then you’re not alone, and Dice attempts to shed light on some of the questions you may have about such celebrities. The book highlights some of the most popular stars of today, and provides insight into their secret (or hidden) symbols, concealed song lyric meanings, and other decoded acts.

Dice is especially hard on pop singer Kesha, who he calls ‘a Satanic singing serpent.’ The author believes that she is part of a secret society that plays a role in taking advantage of today’s culture through her music by the type of messages she sends out. There is no doubt that Kesha supports reckless behavior, chaos, and a disregard for religion in her music lyrics and videos. It is a common belief that secret societies, such as the Illuminati, have an agenda where they hope to control the masses with the least amount of resistance. Celebrities and musicians, such as Kesha, contribute to ‘keeping the people down’ and creating a society that does not question authority or the kinds of media they are fed.

Dice states that Kesha is just one of the musicians who ‘pollutes the planet with mentally enslaving music’ and is an ‘Illuminati idol worshiped by millions.’ He feels that popular rappers and singers, like Kesha, use their craft, jewelry, and the clothes they wear to promote questionable symbolism associated with the Illuminati and the secret society’s agenda.

More About Mark Dice

Mark Dice has released a handful of books on Amazon.com that touches upon the Illuminati and conspiracy theories, and is often found in the middle of controversy from some of the boycotts, protests, and commentary he’s been a part of over the years. Because of his knowledge regarding the topic, Dice is often called upon to appear on a variety of news and media outlets to share his opinion and views, such as the History Channel’s ‘Decoded,’ and ‘Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura’ on TruTV. His YouTube channel attracts millions of views with plenty of viral videos under his belt, and have been shown on the likes of CNN, the Drudge Report, and TMZ – just to name a few.