New Meaning to Ugly Christmas Sweaters: Shredders Satanic Knit Apparel

During the holidays, a long running joke amongst families and co-workers is the ugly Christmas sweater. They’re given as gifts when the unsuspecting aunt knits the unwanted warm garments for her young relatives, or office parties give a prize to the employee who wears the most unattractive sweater. Whatever the case, these kinds of sweaters have become increasingly in fashion in many circles, leading some companies to create an array of interpretations regarding this iconic, retro piece of winter apparel. They are popping up all over the market including the ones sold by Shredders Satanic Knit Apparel, which repeatedly embrace occult themes and Satanic symbolism.

Krampus Knit Christmas Devil Sweater

The red and black sweater that portrays a cloven foot, horned Satanic Devil character in the center of the garment comes complete with an ominous tongue hanging out. He appears to be wearing a backpack of some kind that looks to be carrying a child-like figure inside. Chains are wrapped around the arms of the Devil-like figure, who is carrying something in one of his hands. Shredders Knit Apparel warns in the description of the sweater: “Hide your children. Krampus is here in this festive Christmas sweater.”

Krampus is a beast-like creature thought to have ties to Norse mythology. He is completely opposite to that of Ol’ Saint Nick, and is described as having demonic qualities. At the center of folklore tales hailing from Alpine countries, children are told that Krampus comes to punish those during the Yuletide season who have not been obedient. He captures “naughty” kids and carries them away to his lair in a sack. His character is also known for scaring children with the rattling of rusty chains and shaking of a bell.

Satanic Knit Baphomet Sweater

With the typical Satanic symbolism incorporated into the design, Shredders Knit Apparel sells the Satanic Knit Baphomet Sweater featuring multiple inverted crosses and pentagrams. The accompanying sales text says it all: “The Stand against the birth of Christ with this great holiday accessory.” At the center of the sweater, you will encounter an image of Baphomet – the ancient goat-headed character often associated with the occult and Satanic worship.

Black Metal Knit Upside Down Cross Church Burner Snowman Sweater

In this particular sweater design, the friendly image of wintertime, the snowman, has been transformed into an unhappy-looking heavy metal persona – complete with coal button along the length of his body in the shape of an inverted cross. And despite the seasonal theme filled with falling snowflake, there is a church burning in the background. The accompanying description reads: “This snowman resides in the cold Norwegian mountains only emerging to burn down any symbol of the true meaning of Christmas.”

80’s Knit Chilled to the Bone

One of the last images you’d think to see on an ugly Christmas sweater is a skull. In a not as threatening ugly Christmas sweater design as the others, the 80’s Knit Chilled to the Bone sweater features a skull with cracks in it to signify that the weather is quite cold. The back of the sweater are the words, ‘chilled to the bone.’ There are a crossbones symbol found on the elbows of the clothing; therefore, it sends out the visual of a Skull and Bones – the logo often embraced by secret societies and the elite.