New Year’s Eve Statements that Incorporated Illuminati Symbolism

The celebrations of New Year’s Eve and the anticipation of a New Year have gone and past, but the spread of symbolism associated with the Illuminati did not lessen any during this festive occasion. With millions of people gathering to watch the ‘ball’ drop or party until the stroke of midnight, some businesses and venues took the opportunity to incorporate some all too familiar symbolism.

Google Bringing in 2014 with an Illuminated Pyramid

Google has a reputation for creating animated graphics and displays to celebrate holidays and other occasions, and New Year’s Eve is no exception. When painting a lively picture of 2013 being replaced with 2014, a bit of interesting imagery seems to have been chosen for the occasion. In the background of the graphic, you will see a pyramid shape topped with a rotating ‘illuminated’ disco ball, which resembles the all-seeing eye pyramid symbolism that is often associated with the Illuminati.

New Year’s Eve Party at the Nanno Famous Club

The advertisement for the New Year’s Eve party at one of the largest clubs in Antwerp, Belgium, includes some very familiar symbolism. Not only does the word ‘Illuminati’ appear in the promotional materials, but the illuminated pyramid in this case is a double, glowing object positioned in the middle of the ad. Two hands surround the pyramid shape, where one of the hands is blatantly forming the ‘Il Cornuto’ (horned hand) hand gesture, which is known as a kind of salute to Satan. It is clear to see that nothing is hidden in the purpose of the club’s poster artwork – all of the symbolism found in the image above appears completely intentional.

The Illuminati G-House Movement at the Avici White Nightclub

A New Year’s Eve celebration taking place at the Avici White Nightclub in Manchester was advertised as being one of the largest underground house ensembles coming together for one night only, which included music from 13 DJs for 12 hours. Called the DV8 & the ILLUMINATI G-House Movement 12 HOUR Special, you can see from the artwork advertising the event that the single eye symbolism, upside down triangle, and horned goat figure clearly illustrates a deliberate nod to the Illuminati.

The Illuminati Symbolism found in New Year’s Eve Sydney’s Fireworks Display

In weeks leading up to the New Year’s Eve celebrations for residents of Sydney, Australia, the curious-looking single-eye symbolism and overuse of what appears to be an ‘all-seeing eye’ had been plastered across the city in advertisements, posters, and even served as decoration on the sides of city buses.

Promotional materials for the celebration went as far as to state: “In 2013, Sydney’s new Year’s Ever will SHINE…the all-seeing, ever-sparkling eye symbolizes one community and one shared vision to live a harmonious, stimulating, exciting life in a city that allows every individual the opportunity to look to the future with optimism…and to Shine.”

All of the advertising in Sydney led up to an elaborate fireworks display held on New Year’s Eve that lasted 11 minutes, and contained interesting Illuminati and Masonic symbolism throughout. For example, a pulsating single eye is seen in lights along the bridge as fireworks burst into the air above it. The fireworks display not only entertained and exposed the Illuminati to thousands of Sydney residents, but televised clips of the show have also reached across the globe.