Nightmare on Elm Street Facts and Trivia: Sequels 2, 3, 4

There were eight Nightmare on Elm Street movies, including Freddy vs Jason (2003), which pit Freddy Krueger against Friday the 13th’s Jason. Another sequel is planned for a 2010 release, where Robert Englund does not play the title character of Freddy. In this article, you will find a handful of interesting trivia and facts concerning the second, third, and fourth sequels of Nightmare on Elm Street.

Part 2 Facts: Freddy’s Revenge

In A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge, the bus driver that appears in the opening sequence is Robert Englund without his signature red and green sweater or heavy make-up.

The role of Jesse went to Mark Patton, who appeared in minor roles after Nightmare on Elm Street 2 until he ended his acting career in 1986. He beat out John Stamos, Brad Pitt, and Christian Slater for the role. Interestingly, he had unsuccessfully auditioned for Johnny Depp’s role in the first movie.

While the running time for the film is 87 minutes, Freddy is seen in only 13 unlucky minutes of the movie.

Part 3 Facts: Dream Warriors

Heather Langenkamp makes another appearance in the Freddy movie franchise in Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, working alongside Patricia Arquette (of ‘Medium’ fame). Other notable actors in the film include John Saxon and Lawrence Fishburne.

Nightmare on Elm Street had a knack for giving actors and actresses their first taste of Hollywood. Dream Warriors served as the first movie that Patricia Arquette appeared in.

Ironically, the primary approach of the movie would have seen Freddy Krueger haunting the real world and dreams of the actors and crew that worked on the Nightmare on Elm Street films, but the studio did not accept this idea. In 1994, “New Nightmare” was later based upon this idea.

Part 4 Facts: The Dream Master

The main character Alice works in a diner named “Crave Inn,” which makes a reference to the creator of the Nightmare on Elm Street films , Wes Craven.

Tuesday Knight not only co-starred in the movie, but also performed the theme song. Knight would go on to appear in many movies and TV shows, including ‘Sex in the City,’ ‘Weeds,’ and ‘Heroes.’

Not counting the Freddy vs Jason film in 2003, The Dream Master became the highest grossing out of all the Elm Street movies, earning $49 million in the United States alone.

According to the casting director of the film, more than 600 actresses auditioned for the protagonist role of Alice. The part went to Lisa Wilcox, who went on to appear in numerous films and television shows, including the role of Nurse Owens on ‘Fear Clinic,’ which is currently filming.