Non-Biblical Creation Theory

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Creation Theory

by PHUQU-master

This is what i have come to believe. I was brought up to be a Christian and I always found it empty and that it didnt quite fit what I wanted it to be. It changed me to such an extent that I soon found that my particular church was all about white supremecy and it harbored the feelings of the KKK (which i despise, being part black.) Early in childhood i was told by a Christian woman who attended my church (white) that Native Americans were evil and that they did not believe in God, but worshipped the devil. She told me this because she did not like them as a collective whole and tried to impose upon me her belief that if something was not white and Christian, it was evil and Satanic. I broke away from this upbringing and tried to find what it was that seperated the strong beliefs of the church, to reality and the new age. These reasons and more gave me the idea to write this theory, which may or may not already be a theory held by one or more individuals. But enough about me, onto the article! I will relate mostly to the Christian religion because it is what I am most familiar with.

God. The all-knowing. The great being that everyone hates or loves because they 1)have been told to 2)think it is fashionable or 3)need hope.

These people that believe in them surely also believe in his teachings which is collectively called the Bible. There are many different versions of the Bible, each of which shares a different view of what his beliefs were and how he wanted us to act. With different variations on God and the bible, this is the same outline for basic religions around the globe.

Aliens. What hardly anybody nowadays believe in (from the majority.) I believe they are here, have been here, and are in part responsible for our creation.

The religion that was based on one god began many years ago. In a time where people were still playing swords and arrows and the world was a violent place (more than today.) If one of those people back then would have seen something as simple as a car or a computer that we take for granted nowadays, it would have seemed highly advanced and the people would have thought us to be gods because of the superior technology. These people that created this religion, or helped it along (Jesus) were despised and Jesus himself was killed because he believed it. If it was so despised then, why did it suddenly become a great religion?

Do you know why? Because it is based on truth.

Can you remember the fairy tales from your youth of dragons, fairies, elves, goblins, and all the like? Those stories are told all over the world, from different cultures and different parts of the globe, yet they all seem to be related to one another. This could possibly just have been a spread of ideas, yes; but how is it they all are so very much alike?

If it is coincidence, then such creatures must exist. But we today know they are all fake, hocus-pocus, mumbo jumbo. We cannot begin to conclude that long, scaly flying creatures with maws full of teeth actually existed because we have no evidence. But these stories are from Europe right? And also from China? And also there are stories of these “dragons” being slain by knights and then suddenly, there are none left.

Now, humans are smart creatures right? If something was killing us off, we would either move out of that territory or fight back, correct? So is it not possible that these “dragons” had the same idea and left those places. But if they left then where did they go? Certainly we have seen none around on the streets, but maybe they didnt just leave the area they were being killed in. May i be so bold as to say, they left the planet?

Anyway, on to human evolution. Why have we not seen any half human, half monkeys; since they are our closest relative and all. Also, how is it that all the animals on this planet have the basic urge to: mate,feed, kill, and repeat that process (if I may borrow from Slipknot) and that we humans have developed weaponry capable of destroying the planet and still be able to mate and feed but since have lost the urge to kill (mostly)? Could it be that, we are not evolved from this planet?

Religion is the driving force of this race. It has created holy wars that have killed millions because they believe different than those that started the wars. These religions are based on facts.

But sometimes these facts are wrong.

Take for example, the creation of the planet by God in the Old Testament. He claimed to have created it in six days (the seventh was his nap-time.) Now, we know for a fact the Earth was formed over billions of years, so that could not possibly be true. But, it is also believed to be true that he created man. I believe that God did create man, in a sense.

But there is a monotheistic society, and a polytheistic society (mono=one, poly=many.) So how could that have happened? In the Jewish book of Ezekial there is, what i believe, to be an encounter with extra-terrestrials. He claims that they are angels, because they have wings and they came down from heaven. So if this is where the belief of angels came from, could it not be possible that the belief in God was developed from a similar experience?

Another point of this would be that he truely believed he saw angels but we must think about this for a second. Let’s say that there is a man sitting in a bed who strongly believes in aliens and claims to have been abducted by them at least once before. Now we will suppose that a creature just walked through his wall. What will he see?

If you answered alien you are on the right track. Now lets change the man. Now the man has no knowledge of aliens at all but strongly believes in ghosts. What will he see? One more time, this time the man is a devoted Christian pastor. What will he see?

It is as simple as this:people see what they want to see. But it is possible that we could be wrong about aliens being real. And could it also be possible that God was an alien? Here is what i believe.

Aliens once lived on this planet, from which they did not evolve from but frequented. When they were here, they grew lonely and decided that they should…create a friend, so to speak. This is when they developed humans. Now when they created these humans, they were not the same as we are now, they were our ancestors. The homo-erectus, neanderthal and the others. But the extra-terrestrials did not simply create us from scratch or a handful of atoms, they took what they thought would be easiest to mold. The chimp.

The extra-terrestrials, like good scientists, then would have run a test. They released these new creations into the wild to see how they faired. When these died, they took the results and used them to help create a new and improved human. They released these and they continued their experiment until they at last had us.

After releasing the Cro-magnon man, they had success as they watched us survive. They quickly began to create more humans.

Since it is quite easily noted that we are so much more advanced than every other creature on this planet, we must ask why. These creatures have been given more time to evolve than we have. A far greater time to evolve. So why aren’t they building cities and becoming corrupt governmentally as we are? If we do not whipe them out first, they will do all of this. They don’t have an opposable thumb? Big deal. They will develop technology that does not require a thumb. But they will do this in time, together, because that will be the time that nature will select them to. Their brains will advance because it is time for them to advance.

But the aliens did not want to wait millions of years for us to become smart, they wanted results right there and then. So they may have taken steps to advance us, besides the overly intelligent brain. But at the same time they wanted us to be completely superior, they did not want groups superior to one another.The extraterrestrials may have wanted all these humans to have the same advantage and would like to release them all at one time. So when they were done producing a particular group (like say Egyptians) they would store them in a cell or cage. Or maybe they kept them in a large, fenced in area that they called the Garden of Eden… Maybe their ship stood at the middle, a ship shaped like a tree. In an order to keep these humans safe from harm of radioactivity or whatever else may have been on the ship, such as a very hot surface, they told them not to touch the ‘tree.’ These humans developed a different view and became polytheistic as they say more of their extra-terrestrial creators walking around. But when they would have gone to release their creations, they would have just sent the last batch off to be shipped to their place. Thus these new humans that were just created would have seen few aliens, maybe even one. And when they were shipped off, as coincidence may involve, one or two of these bold humans touched the ‘tree.’ So the aliens decided to say that their creations were being punished. Thus sending them away from the landing zone known as Eden.

The aliens then began to ship these humans to the places where they had designated they should live. They moved their creations onto ships which would deliver them, and designated aliens would “drive” them to where they were to be deposited and instructed to whipe their memories clean. But when one can be brainwashed he may still remember things that were extraordinary and caused a great change in his life. Such an event would be the gods, so even though it would be erased from current memory, the thought could still linger in the back of one’s mind, like a secret.

One of these alien “delivery-boys” could have been one called God. God could have been a young extra-terrestrial, and so fascinated with what was happening, maybe even a little enthusiastic. One such young person could easily become infatuated with these new beings, so new to the world like a puppy. He could easily have talked to them, and told them his name. God.

He could have helped these humans by giving them hints on how to survive or giving them crude tools such as stone axes. When he delivered them, he did not destroy what he had taught them.

Could this have been the reason for the technological advance in the European continent, and their religion being based on just one god? These people would have remembered this very particularly, it being their first experience. They would have passed the useful information onto offspring and would have told them of the great being known as God and how important he was. But over time this could have become just another fairy tale. We the youth who say things like “Prove to me that God is real” or “If God is everywhere, where is he now?” This is complete arrogance.

The aliens, still testing us, their new creations, would check up on us every now and then. This gave the humans a reason to believe that their gods were real.

Sometimes, these humans would see the aliens interact with one another. One such example of this would be when Set killed his brother Osiris and threw his peices into the river (Egyptian.) God loved the ones he had delivered. He visited frequently and talked to many (including the drug addict Jesus.) The people loved him.

But soon, the world would take a wrong turn. People would fight one another over their religious differences. Their gods disappeared, not wanting to get caught in the middle for they were only mortal as well. The Europeans, with God helping them along, would conquer those that opposed because of their superior technology at the time. God’s race did not like him aiding us along so well and they told him never to help them again, but God still did it using his puppets such as Jesus.

With the gods gone for such a long period of time, the people again began to question their existance. They forgot what their gods looked like and imagined them to be different. Such factors would make them doubt their gods even if they returned to them. Our creators, knowing this, would have sighed deeply and began to leave. God wanted to stay because of his “children” (which he had become to affectionately call them.) He fought with the others of his kind to stay and hid among his “children.” But they found him and as they turned to leave he would have called, with love in his heart and sadness on the road that awaited him without their admiration, “I will come back to you and i will bring you all to Heaven!”

Heaven being the home planet of the extra-terrestrials that created us. I believe Hell was the planet of a race of rival extra-terrestrials that looked much like serpents. Serpents that tempted Adam and Eve, and also may have been ‘dragons.’ These beings would cut open the humans and torture them in an attempt to gain the knowledge of their creators. I believe they stayed, and have been among us, hiding, still trying to gain that knowledge.

And that is the end of my theory. Somewhere in the middle of this steaming pile of shit, it turned into a story… Whatever. There it stands, now you all know what I think. I pulled that all out my ass while talking to my friend Rosie and i know it is lacking details and and evidence, but hey, so is the Bible.

Catch you all on the flipside