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A new twist on Cold Fusion – reproducible experime
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May 1, 1991

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Jim Shaffer.
From the Williamsport, PA _Sun-Gazette_, April 25 1991:


Lancaster Company’s Assertion Disputed

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Pennsylvania company claims to have solved
the puzzle of cold fusion.

Mills Technologies, of Lancaster, Pa., claims to have determined a
non-nuclear mechanism for the purported phenomenon reported at the
University of Utah two years ago. Mills also says it has made the
effect reproducible

The company attributes the effect to a previously unknown reaction
that creates a new, smaller form of hydrogen.

The explanation disputes much of the quantum mechanical theory that
has guided nuclear scientists most of this century, and was greeted
with some skepticism by other scientists.

“Basically, we have both the theoretical and practical aspects
solved,” Mills’ owner, Randell L. Mills, said in a telephone
interview Wednesday.

The company scheduled a news conference in Lancaster today.

Mills said his company of about a half-dozen employees has built its
own cells that have produced up to 40 times the electrical energy
put in.

He also said the heat production works with ordinary water as well
as heavy water, and it does not require a palladium electrode

University of Utah researchers Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann
stumbled on to the process “by serendipity” and they were wrong in
their assumption that nuclear reactions were creating the excess
heat, Mills said.

But since hydrogen from ordinary water is the fuel, the prospects
for use as an energy source are still very good, he said.

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Mills also said the effect is “100 percent reproducible” and the
company has applied for patents worldwide
. Reproducibility has been
a major hindrance in the acceptance of the phenomena.

Under the theory, the electrons in hydrogen atoms drop to previously
unknown energy levels below the “ground state” thought to be the
lowest level under conventional quantum mechanics. Dropping to
these lower levels requires a release of energy as heat.

A paper is to be published in the August issue of the Journal of
Fusion Technology, where a number of cold-fusion-related articles
have appeared, Mills said. He will speak on the work at the August
meeting of the American Chemical Society in New York City.

Fritz Will, director of the National Cold Fusion Institute at the
University of Utah, was out of the country. Haven Bergeson, who
directs the physics group for the institute, said he was unfamiliar
with Mills and his work and could not comment on its specifics.

“On the surface, it seems like an unlikely idea,” Bergeson said.
“It’s a line of thinking that I don’t think any of us have

John Huizenga, a University of Rochester nuclear chemist who co-
chaired the Department of Energy’s cold-fusion review panel, said he
also knew nothing of the work, but thought it difficult to take the
claim seriously at this point.

Huizenga, who has previously said that cold fusion would require “a
succession of miracles,” said the Mills work appears to be more
willingness to surrender a well-accepted and proven theory for the
sake of sketchy experimental evidence

“When surprise upon surprise upon surprise comes along, one has to
be very careful,” he said.

Mills said his company was formed in 1986 as a research-oriented
business. He said his background includes a bachelor’s degree in
chemistry and a medical degree from Harvard University. He also
studied electrical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of


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