Not All Musicians Bow Down to the Illuminati ”“ Some Rage Against It

Every once in a while, an entertainer in the spotlight will mention the existence or influence of the Illuminati, but for the most part ”“ those who typically voice their opinions against the secret society are no longer the movers and shakers within the industry they once were. When it comes to a musician who openly speaks out against the Illuminati, one of the most vocal in the business is Lupe Fiasco, who on more than one occasion has made direct references in his music, performances, and public appearances.

Below you will find a handful of instances where Lupe Fiasco has expressed his opinions regarding the Illuminati:

The Lyrics of “BMF Freestyle”

With direct references to the Illuminati and allusions to a New World Order, Lupe Fiasco attempts to educate his listeners regarding the ploys that the government and ‘others’ take in order to further their own intentions. This includes getting into the minds of the public, and feeding misinformation to the people.

“”¦wake up, don’t join the Army
Kill your own peoples, but fear Illuminati’s
And they ain’t even real, or are they?
But you wouldn’t even know, because you partay
Too ***** much, if you start to doubt
They already in your mind, and comin’ out yo’ mouth”

Fiasco continues by saying: “It’s not a trick, ***** it’s a trap/ Survival of the fit, is what they aimin’ at.”

This part of the song refers to the concept of the New World Order where measures are taken to reduce the population and have a select number of people (or groups) that fit into the criteria that some believe higher powers (or the elite) see thriving in the future.

The Lyrics of “Words I Never Said”

In “Words I Never Said,” Lupe Fiasco touches upon conspiracies regarding war, poor education, the greed of banking systems, and the dangers of the foods we consume.

A sampling of the lyrics for the song include:

“Pills with million side effects
Take em when the pains felt
Wash them down with Diet soda!
Killin off your brain cells”

Speaking His Mind on Twitter

Lupe Fiasco is known for speaking his mind in a variety of different outlets, and has used the influential social media platform of Twitter to spread his views regarding the Illuminati. Some of his Tweets have included the following statements, where he voices his opinions regarding MTV:

  • Oh snap”¦MTV (illuminati’s favorite network) back on the attack”¦why can’t y’all just chill out?
  • Fame over self-awareness and virtue. Hedonism over self respect. Celebrity over cerebral.
  • A destroying force in our culture and society just like rest of the useless vapid spectacles that pour out of our tv’s and radios.
  • What are we supposed to be learning from you? What is your point? Do you have a point beyond corporate sponsored distraction? Your a materialistic shell of your former self that can only identify with celebrity pageantry and instant gratification. Corporate garbage pushing plastic lifestyles and wasteful, destructive behavior into the brains of the youth of the world.

The Music Video for “I’m Beaming (Up to Scotty)”

Not only does Lupe Fiasco verbally express his displeasure in the Illuminati, he makes visual statements, as seen in his music video called ‘I’m Beaming’. In one scene, the rapper knocks away the all-seeing eye from a pyramid ”“ a symbol that is often associated with the Illuminati.

An Appearance on David Letterman

During a performance of “Superstar” with Matthew Santos on the Late Show with David Letterman show, Lupe Fiasco continues to speak his mind by shouting “No New World Order.”

Although seen as a controversial, political rapper, Lupe Fiasco is certainly not afraid to voice his opinions, and definitely doesn’t shy away from tackling the subject of the Illuminati. Sometimes, he mentions that it’s one of the reasons some of his songs don’t get the airplay they deserve.