Obama’s India Trip Sparks Apocalypse Fears

Last Updated on June 2, 2020 by

As president Barack Obama -days after announcing the support of indefinite detention for suspected terrorists- makes his way to India, the internet is once again abuzz with myriad people concerned that the move is happening as part of a cover up.  And while some of the concerns seem valid, others seem a bit more questionable.

Chief among the more questionable elements of the president’s visit is the deployment of over 39 warships to accompany him as he arrives in India along with some 3,000 associates.  Of course it’s hardly considered an unusual occurrence to have an incredible military force involved in a presidential visit, but many are pointing to the sheer number of warships as a sign that something more than meets the eye is going on.  Of course if there really is something more than meets the eye, that is yet to be seen.  And the estimated $200,000,000 cost per day cited by some media sources has been called into question.

The official reason for Obama’s visit is an economical meeting in the name of increased trade agreements.  Rather than the official India sanctioned entourage, the president is being led by the top industrial titans of the country.  Whether this is sign of something nefarious is a matter of no small controversy.

Then there is the incredibly strange side to the theory.  A recent youtube video suggested that the television show The Simpsons had predicted the 9/11 attacks in an episode about the family visiting the city.  Using symbols in the show the poster demonstrated confidently that the episode indicated that someone involved in the making of the show was aware on some level that a terrorist attack would be happening on 9/11.  They then go on to suggest that a different episode predicted an upcoming attack to take place on November 6th of this year.  Understandably, many people -including many who believe there is still something strange going on- are suspicious of this element of the story.  Is something unusual going on with Obama’s visit to India?  Aside from the budget for the trip, which initial reports have alleged could be as much as $200 million dollars per day, there is nothing confirmed strange just yet.

As for the idea that the Simpsons could predict so eerily connections to the September 11th attacks, is this a warning by a clandestine group affiliated with the program that for some reason leaked out?  Or is there something else?  Is it possible that the collective unconscious of the media and its viewers could predict something even without oversight by a shadowy organization?  Could we in essence psychically predict as a society future events without even knowing it and let those predictions manifest in media?

It’s unusual to say the least, but whether it’s more than just coincidence will have to be left to the viewer.

And a final note: whenever we look for symbols that seem significant to a specific event, we gradually can accumulate information that compounds on itself even if it is not inherently related.  Taken out of context, it is possible that there are so many symbols in the world that any event could be feasibly “predicted” just by the volume of programs and images out there.  The principle is called subject validation.  Of course just because it has a name doesn’t necessarily make it true (at least not in all cases) but it’s certainly something to keep an eye on when predicting major global events.