Odd Collections and Weird Possessions

Some people collect the weirdest things and when it’s time for their prized possessions to pass down to the next generation, if they’re too weird , they end up for the good of science. In this article, you will encounter a few eccentric collections, as well as learn the expensive object that had Leonardo di Caprio and Nicholas Cage trying to outbid one another.

A Collection of Bladder Stones

Sir Henry Thompson had a curious hobby, which eventually led to an impressive collection”¦.of bladder stones. As the urologist to European royalty, he had the opportunity to gather a rather impressive number of bladder stones , 1,000 to be exact. When he died, Sir Henry left his prized possessions to the Royal College of Surgeons in London. The collection included bladder stones removed from Napoleon III from France and the king of the Belgians, Leopold I.

A Substantial Collection of Body Parts

John Hunter was a surgeon who became an expert of anatomy during the 18th century. Over the course of his medical career, he collected a wide range of body parts that included embalmed fetuses, corpses, and the skeletons of both animals and humans. In a span of 30 years, the surgeon had around 65,000 items in his collection. He was certainly lucky. He was married to a woman that did not protest his interests. The only time she disapproved was when he brought home a stuffed giraffe that was too tall to fit inside of their residence. With blade in hand, he removed the legs from below the knees and situated it in the hall. When he died, he left behind his collection to the Company of Surgeons at Lincoln’s Inn in London. Sadly, German bombs hit the building in 1941 and only 3,600 of his specimens survived the blast.

Expensive Grilled Cheese

Can you imagine getting $28,000 for selling a grilled cheese sandwich that possessed what some would like to call the image of the Virgin Mary’s face? That is exactly what Diane Duyser of Florida did. An online casino purchased the item.

Expensive Excrement

We already know that you can tell a lot about the ancient past by analyzing their remains, artifacts, and other substances. Excrement is one of those substances and when it comes to the pricier piece, the honor goes to a stool measuring nine inches that has been dubbed the Lloyds Bank Turd. Its origin is from the Viking Age and it was discovered during an archeological dig associated with the Lloyds bank in the United Kingdom. It has actually been insured for $400,000 and priced at such a high value because it is in near-perfect condition. The feces date back more than 1,000 years.

Nicolas Cage

Nic Cage of the movie world has been known to blow his money on a wide range of toys and purchases, but one in particular stands out and seems right up Unexplainable.net’s alley. Cage paid $276,000 for a dinosaur skull in 2007 that dates back 67 million years. He wasn’t the only celebrity that was interested in the dino skull He apparently outbid Leonardo DiCaprio. Some of his other extravagant purchases include three castles, two yachts, two islands in the Bahamas, and a $495,000 Lamborghini that once belonged to the shah of Iran.