Odd Food and Drink Facts II

When Christopher Columbus met with the Carib Indians of the West Indies, he learned that the people bred children to satisfy their cannibalistic traditions. In this article, you will also find out another group of people known to eat the feet of their captives, as well as a popular treat during 16th century in England.

The Carib Indians actually bred male children, who were castrated because it was believed they tasted better in this manner. According to the cannibals, the best parts of the human body to feast upon were the fingers, toes, and the palms of the hands. Columbus would later write that the Caribs thought French people were the tastiest to eat.

In Peru, the Cocoma tribe drank the ground-up bones of their loved ones in a fermented brew because they believed it was better for their spirits to dwell inside a warm body than be left out in the cold.

Built in 353 BC, the Tomb of Mausalus (known as one of the Seven Wonders of the World) was leveled by an earthquake. Queen Artemisia was supposed to place the body of her husband in the tomb but at the last minute, decided instead, to cremate his body. She transferred his ashes into a goblet of wine and drank it all. Interestingly, it is believed that the word ‘mausoleum’ comes from King Mausalus.

Salted horsemeat sandwiches are a delicacy in the Netherlands.

In Southeast Asia, the durian fruit is considered a real treat , even though it shares its scent with a rotting corpse.

During the 16th century in England, eating the tongues of larks was considered a tasty treat.

The English scientist and statesmen named Francis Bacon came up with the idea that food can stay preserved by keeping it frozen. In 1616, he attempts to stuff a dead chicken with snow while traveling on a winter day, but ironically catches a fatal chill in the process.

It is not uncommon to see people eating monkey toes in Indonesia.

In 1275, Marco Polo learned that the people of Southeast Asia ate the feet of people they captured, which was thought the tastiest part of the body.

While arguing over a fish, Genghis Khan kills his brother in the middle of the dispute in 1190.

Coca Cola is known for providing a cool, refreshing drink in the summertime, but is also used for a variety of home remedies all over the world. In India, the beverage is used as a spermicide and pesticide. Coke has also been used to treat a handful of stains, including blood, grease, and rust. Other uses for Coca Cola include meat tenderizer, wallpaper paste remover, sink cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, and windshield washer.