Ohio Paranormal Convention (August 14 ,16, 2009) I

If you’re a fan of the paranormal and plan on being in the Dayton, Ohio area during the month of August, then a trip to the Ohio Paranormal Convention (held between August 14th and 16th, 2009) sounds like the perfect outing for you to explore. So, mark your calendars and make arrangements to gather at the Hara Arena for an event that will ultimately benefit the Ohio Historical Preservation Office.

In charge of providing a list of speakers representing the world of paranormal phenomena, this event involves the efforts of the Southern Ohio Paranormal Research, Central Ohioians Researching Unexplained Paranormal Things, and Central Ohio Paranormal Society. Below you will find a schedule of events for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


On Friday, doors open for the Ohio Paranormal Convention at 5pm and do not close until 11pm. The opening ceremony will begin at 5pm, which is sure to point out that this is the first ever convention of its kind. By the time 5:30pm rolls around, vendor booths will open, allowing guests a chance to browse merchandise that they may want to purchase for souvenirs or learning tools.

At 7pm, it’s time to indulge in a little “Paranormal Karaoke,” which is sure to entertain the masses with the singing talent of your peers. 8pm marks the time when The Machine will provide metal and rock tunes for the night. However, this is not the only chance you will have for enjoying the musical talent found in Dayton. At 9pm, The Goody Two Shoes will take the stage , supplying your fill of punk and grunge tunes. Capping off the night, the Lonesome Tumblers will provide the final taste of entertainment. At 11pm, the convention closes and wishes you a restful night.


Rise and shine at 9am for when the doors open once again at the convention and another opening ceremony promptly takes place. At 9:30am, participants will enter a meet and greet session that allows fellow investigators to mingle with one another. Before the speakers slated for the day begin their discussions and presentations, vendor booths open with the hopes of enticing you to a few of their wares. At 10:45am, we’re really to rock and roll with the guest speakers of the day.

The first speaker up to bat is John Kachuba (10:45am). Following his lead, others will enlighten guests with their knowledge and experiences of the paranormal. They include:

·    Larry Copeland (11:30am)

·    Joedy Cook (12:15am)

·    Keith Age (1:00pm)

At 1:45pm, Sean Feeny will lead the Researcher/Investigator Ethics Program. This portion of the conference will touch upon the field of ufology and paranormal research. With an ethics code that is loosely followed in some cases, the field that includes paranormal research has not established an ethics code. From ghost hunters to paranormal enthusiasts, many local groups have emerged over the years. Feeny will discuss the importance of setting up guidelines that clients and investigators will follow. This also touches upon the way collected data is used throughout the paranormal community.