Orgone Energy

Orgone Energy is a pre-atom energy. It is a primordial cosmic energy or force. It generates the matter accordingly to the thoughts, the quarks and the atoms are the result of the orgone energy. It has been discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) in the late 1930s. Reich was a Freud disciple at the beginning, but they soon disagree, furthermore, Reich was against the Nazis, so he leave Europe to USA. There, he was able to continue his research about the orgone energy until he was arrested and later died in jail. Nowadays, several people are continuing his research including James DeMeo. The theory of Orgone energy is also widely used in alternative health technique principally to heal cancer.

Orgone energy could be compared to the Chinese “Chi” or the Vedic “Prana”. It has the power of life in it. Several experiments have been done and show that an apple emits this energy as well as any living creature. Also, during orgasm, animals liberate a high concentration of orgone. Orgone is also the energy which govern non-living things. In fact, this arbitrary differentiation between what we call living being and non-living thing doesn’t make any sense in the orgone energy theory. Orgon is the primordial force which govern all things from the microscopic point of view to the macroscopic one. It then solve the big problem of science today: The Unified Theory which would unify the theory of relativity (macroscopic point of view) and the quantum theory (microscopic point of view).

Indeed, Orgon explains living evolution as well as planetary and galaxy evolution. Everything can be seen as living. The gravity is a consequence of this energy like any other material manifestation is (electricity, magnetism, nuclear, …) This energy has the particularity to wanted to expand and join another energy thread (love). Galaxy, for example are composed of several thread joining each other at its center. It is in fact, several orgon thread. Planetary movement are energy thread. The Earth is a an orgon energy concentration in expansion (evolution). It attract other orgon thread (us). Orgone manifestation can also be seen in people interaction. People are grouping each other in couple, in family… Each person are an energy thread. Orgone can also be blocked, it then generates bad behavior: sexual problem, nervousness, hatred. At a country scale, it can be represented as a fascist and nationalist behavior. Orgone seems to be the only force in the universe, everything else is the consequence of it.