Other Ways to Use Essential Oils

From your shoe closet to the den, when using essential oils to inspire a meditative state, it doesn’t hurt to have inviting scents in various parts of your bedroom and home. Some people truly enjoy surrounding themselves with the scents of natural plants. In this article, you will encounter a few ways to effectively use essential oils to your advantage.

Shoe Rack

Rid your shoes of a musty scent by using two drops of pine or parsley oil. The area that you use to store your shoes may need a bit of freshening up as well. Consider lemongrass to keep a shoe rack free from unwanted odors.


A pomander is an essential oil vessel that is made out of clay that absorbs the scent of an oil and then slowly releases it into the air. You can hang these porous corked bottles in your closet to freshen up your wardrobe. Choose a fragrance that you really like and fill it up with a scent like bergamot. If you are interested in using a scent that will keep the moths away from your clothing, consider cedarwood as an effective solution.


Create your own potpourri by adding a few drops of a flowery or spicy scent of essential oil.


With an attractive appearance, you can position pots called fragrancers, about your home. In other circles, these same pots are known as diffusers or vaporizers. The best part about these pots is that they are easy to use. All you have to do is fill the top china bowl with water and then add a couple of drops of essential oil onto the surface. There is a candle situated in the pot that when lit, heats the water. Slowly, you will start to smell the scent of natural oils releasing into the air. It is highly suggested to set the burner on a plate or tile. It is not recommended to place the burner on a plastic surface, as it can melt. 

When using a fragrancer, placing 3 to 6 drops of an essential oil is quite enough, however, you may want to adjust the amount to meet the needs of the room you are in. For larger spaces, add a few more drops of oil. Some people skip a frangrancer that works with a candle and instead, purchases a fan vaporizer that operates with the help of a battery. With this approach, the fan blows air through pads that are saturated in scented oil. Choose the kind of essential oil that fits your temperament, mood, or personality for the best results.