Over-the-Counter Herbal Remedies: Syrups, Extracts, & Juices

When a particular medical concern doesn’t call for an external natural remedy and you never did like the way a tablet, capsule, or pill looked, there are numerous liquid herbal options to consider. Herbal remedies in the form of a liquid are often seen as an extract, juice, or syrup. This form of natural treatment can be found across the globe in places such as Germany, which has a huge market.


As stated before, Germany offers a wide-range of herbal extracts that are used by various professionals and also sold as prescriptions. In the United States, you are less likely to come across a large market for herbal syrups, extracts, or juices. The options are more limited, as many individuals prefer ointments, creams, and pills to a liquid remedy.


In stores, juices are often seen decorating the shelves and refrigerated coolers of health food stores while they are offered in a single form or combined with other tinctures and syrups. Often, when you happen upon this sort of remedy approach, you will encounter dark glass bottles. This is a frequent technique used to store syrups and other liquid herbal treatments. When shopping around for these sort of herbal remedies, you should know that dosage and extra information will probably be scarce.


Before taking any sort of herbal treatment, you should read up on its effects, powers and precautions. For example, some who suffer from ailments, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or are pregnant will have to refrain from taking certain herbal selections. Now let’s get down to business. Below you will find out how artichoke is used to aid the body when taken in a liquid form (and other helpful juices as well):


Artichoke: The juice of artichoke can be used to stimulate the liver, as well as serve as an effective remedy for the digestive system.


Borage: This juice can be used to stimulate the adrenal glands, as well as makes a great external remedy for rashes that irritate the skin.


Black Radish: When turning towards this remedy, you will find that it effectively treats the digestive system.


Horsetail: Since this natural treatment is rich in silica, it works wonders when it comes to treating lung problems that have been left to linger for a while.


Oats: These little babies aren’t just for a hearty morning meal; they can also be used to create a tonic that can ease the effects of depression.


Ramps (or Wild Garlic): while the garlic is quite familiar, this is a milder form that can treat the common cold, as well as assist the immune system to become a stronger virus fighter.


Silverweed: belonging to the rose family, this herbal treatment has decongestant properties that can also cure a range of sinus problems.


If herbal syrups, extracts, or juices aren’t your cup of tea and you would rather spread on a cream or swallow a capsule with a glass of water, there are plenty of options to consider. Read the articles titled “Over-the-Counter Herbal Remedies: Tablets and Capsules” and “Over-the-Counter Herbal Remedies: Ointments and Creams” for more information.