Over-the-Counter Herbal Remedies: Tablets and Capsules Part 2

While there are cough syrups and prescription medicines that doctors give out, there are plenty of ways to tap into the natural resources that Mother Nature intended for us to use. Many individuals have found great comfort in using herbal treatments, which on the whole possess less short- and long-term side effects than the medicines decorating the inside of a pharmacy. Below you will learn about various over-the-counter remedies, such as garlic, goldenseal, and parsley.


Echinacea: While you may already known this, but this stimulant works with the immune system to fight colds and flu.


Fenugreek: when used as a digestive stimulant, fenugreek also helps breastfeeding mothers supply an efficient amount of milk to her baby.


Feverfew: This herbal remedy is a great selection to use when plagued with annoying migraines, as well as rheumatism.


Garlic: While garlic can be used to cure the common cold, it is also a great way to decreased bad cholesterol levels.


Ginger: If you plan on taking an airplane trip that usually makes you feel a little woozy, take a ginger tablet to make sure you don’t suffer an extremely uncomfortable flight.


Ginkgo: When poor circulation strikes, this sort of tablet or capsule will help.


Ginseng: While many associate boosts of energy with this herbal remedy, it has also gained quite the reputation when it comes to creating a general tonic.


Goldenseal: When the liver is in need of stimulation, goldenseal makes a great remedy, as well as decongestant. Sometimes, you may come across this herb being used in remedies for indigestion.


Guarana: Some will turn to this herbal capsule when they are in need of an all-purpose tonic.


Helonias: When a painful menstruation cycle arises or one is undergoing the effects of menopausal horror, this herbal capsule can be used to help.


He Shou Wu (or Fo Ti): When using this Chinese tonic herb, you will find that it works wonders on creating a bowel movement. Many individuals in China turn to this herb when they are in need of a tonic for the kidneys.


Huang Qi (or Astralagus Root): Offering an array of results, this Chinese tonic is quite popular.


Kelp: When taking this herbal remedy, you will find a boost in your metabolic stimulus.


Papaya: This remedy is a great way to encourage the digestive system.


Parsley: Before a woman’s period strikes, sometimes there is a bit of premenstrual fluid retention that occurs. When taking this herbal treatment, you may enjoy a diuretic effect. The same results are said to come when taking Uva-Ursi.


Pilewort: while many attempt to solve their hemorrhoid problem in an external manner, there are ways to gain relief by taking a pilewort capsule.


Psyllium Seeds (or Isphagula): when you are in need of a laxative, taking a capsule of this herb will help.


Senna: This laxative works wonders on the system, but is not recommended for those who are pregnant.


Slippery Elm: This herbal capsule can be taken to ease digestive problems, as well as cure sore throats.


Valerian: When plagued with nervous tension or insomnia, taking valerian capsules will help.