Over-the-Counter Herbal Remedies: Tablets and Capsules

While some homebodies enjoy making natural treatments within the comfort of their own home, there are plenty of over-the-counter herbal options that take the hassle out of trying to formulate your own concoctions. Manufacturers have found that tapping into this goldmine of an herbal industry can be quite profitable. Individuals find that indulging in this growing market can keep man-made chemicals from infiltrating their body.


Sometimes it is hard to swallow an ill-tasting syrup or wait on an ointment to penetrate the skin. This is when an herbal remedy tablet or capsule will come in handy to finding relief from whatever medical menace ails you. Herbal tablets and capsules are easy to take and in most cases, act rather quickly. Below are some of the herbs that can be found in this form of treatment:


Blue Flag: Taking this tablet will help eliminate minor skin irritations and problems.


Boldo: While this digestive stimulant can be used to treat urinary woes, it is also sometimes seen sold as a remedy for cystitis.


Borage Oil (or Star Flower Oil): Since this remedy is filled with gamma-linolenic acid, it is often used to treat menstrual disorders. Taken as a supplement, the herb is also known to work wonders when flare-ups on the skin occur.


Burdock: When taking this pill, you will enjoy a mild laxative, which is also used to clean out the system when one wishes to purify their body from all of the toxins that have accumulated.


Cascara: This laxative is rather strong and shouldn’t be taken when pregnant.


Chasteberry: Many individuals have found relief when taking this herbal remedy for their gynecological problems. It is wise to use in moderation and follow all of the directions. An overdose of these pills can lead to the development of formication, which is a condition that feels like a million ants are crawling all over your skin. Taking Agnus Castus will also give you the same results.


Cranesbill: When taking this astringent herb in its tablet for, you will find the same sort of outcome that occurs when taking a commercial product.


Damiana: When sold as a general tonic, this herb actually can cause reactions that are quite similar to an aphrodisiac.


Dang Gui (or Tang Kwai): You will find this herbal ingredient used in a variety of remedies that are specifically geared towards women.


Devil’s Claw: This herb is an effective remedy to use against the effects of arthritis.


Evening Primrose Oil: The gamma-linolenic acid richness of this oil has been marketed to the public as an effective supplement to use against the ups and downs of menstrual disorders. It has also been known to calm skin irritations. Some even take capsules to help with weight loss.


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