Palmistry: Fingers and Thumbs

In palmistry, the fingers play a role in a reading. It is believed that each finger relates to one of the gods instead of referred to the planets , like the Mounts. Apollo is the only exception, which shares characteristics with the Sun and is traditionally connected to music and medicine. In this article, you will learn about the relation of fingers to palmistry.

Palm readers will take a look at the length of each finger, as well as the length and prominence of the joints in relation to the others. It is this part of the finger that gives details to the presence and strength of a personality trait. A palm reader will look to see if there are fingers that are overdeveloped or underdeveloped, as these traits mean something.

The Joints (or Phalange)

The first phalange (which refers to the first joint with the nail) is used to analyze mental characteristics and intuition. The middle finger is associated with finances and qualities that affect business. The third joint contains details about sensuality. When a phalange is oddly long or short, palm readers often see this feature as a bad sign rather than a good one.

The Strength of Your Fingers

An example of the roles that fingers play in palmistry, consider the following assessments:

The index finger is linked to Jupiter and when it is strong, it is an indication of the strength of character of a person. The leadership qualities that someone possesses are also found in the features of this finger. When it is notably long, the individual may possess a gloomy or cold personality. When the finger is rather short, it could point to an irresponsible person.

A strong ring finger is associated with Apollo, who gives details of the stability of a person. Artistic talent is also found in the details of this finger. When the finger is very long, an individual may show the characteristics of vanity. They may possess the tendency to gamble. When the finger is short, there may be a lack of creativity. An inability to deal with money issues may also play a role.

A strong little finger is linked to Mercury, and holds details regarding the intellect of an individual. If they are good with words, this characteristic may show in this finger. When the finger is rather long, you may find a person full of dishonesty. When the finger is very short, the individual may find it hard to express themselves with words.

The Thumb

The details of the thumb are looked at in relation to the other fingers. If the thumb is well balanced and strong, it can offset some of the undesirable traits found in the other fingers. However, they could also reinforce the positive traits that have been revealed. When the thumb is weak, it causes a reading of the entire hand to weaken.