Past Life Regression

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Past life regression is a term coined in the West that describes any type of method used to help us “see” and “understand” our past lives. The point of any type of past life regression is to enable a better understanding of issues in this life because they are directly connected to their past lives.On a very superficial level, we can say that certain phobias, obsessions, ideas and behavioral patterns expressed in this lifetime result from unresolved past life issues that have been carried forward. Many times there is a reason why they are carried forward. Usually we find that carrying forward certain unresolved issues guarantees that they will surface and will eventually be dealt with. Dealing with certain issues in a subsequent lifetime is one way of experiencing spiritual growth.

Although our lives may become very difficult, even painful, when we are burdened with these extra issues, once we have undergone past life regression and understood what these issues really are, where they came from and why we are holding on to them, a healing process begins where we can slowly let go, resolve the issues and continue with our present lives. People in this stage of past life regression therapy usually feel profound relief and a sense of freedom that they have never felt before along with a feeling of joy and appreciation of life. There also may be a slight mourning period before achieving this sense of freedom, as the person undergoing past life regression makes a conscious choice to resolve and let go of a part of their past life that they were carrying all along energetically and unknowingly.There are a few types of past life regression therapies one can undergo. The most common type is to undergo regression while under hypnosis. In this type of therapy, you are led back to deal with various past life issues. Some therapists cover their patients with “grounding” which enables the patients to “view” their past lives from a third party perspective. This is very helpful for some people, as it makes the reliving of past traumatic events somewhat easier to go through. There are many therapists however who do not believe this is helpful. They feel that the patient should actually re-experience their traumatic past life experiences firsthand, thus enabling the body to resolve and rid itself of any burden from the past by experiencing it once again.Past life regression is also possible without hypnosis. This can be done with a therapist/reader, and without. If one finds a therapist that does past life regression therapy without hypnosis, chances are that the therapists are actually accessing pieces of the client’s akashic record. This enables them to “see” holographic instances of the client’s past lives which will give the client a greater understanding and an explanation as to why certain things are happening in this lifetime. Another method some therapists may undertake is by reading the aura of the person and finding the past life segments which have attached themselves to the person’s auric field.There is also the method of undergoing past life regression by oneself. This method requires a very long time to perfect, but it is possible for many people to accomplish. First one must find particular place which they feel is a type of “haven” or peaceful place of their own, away from outside stimulation. This doesn’t mean walking around the house and finding a quiet spot. It happens over time, where you can “feel” that a certain place (could be part of your house, or it could be anywhere else in nature- the beach at early morning, or the hillside..) envelopes you with comfort and a sense of serenity. Then you have to undergo a lengthy but extremely important process of clearing yourself of negative energy and pollutants. A very good diet of natural and wholesome foods, along with burning white sage and using healing gemstones during regular meditation sessions is very integral. Also, during this time, you must be in touch with nature, taking every opportunity to meditate in natural surroundings. It also goes without saying that you should be free of alcohol, smoke, and artificial foods and fibers. Once you feel that you have “cleansed” and “strengthened”, you move on to adding the chakra therapy. You must meditate on each chakra, enhancing the strengths of each chakra by enveloping yourself with its associated colors and by wearing and meditating with the appropriate gemstones for that chakra. This may take up quite a bit of time, but it is essential in order to move on to the next stage. It is important to start with the root chakra and slowly, eventually move up to the crown chakra. It is the third eye (brow chakra) and the crown chakra that will help to come in touch with your past lives. But all chakra have to be balanced and cleansed first. Then you have to identify which colors, sounds, smells, or any other stimulations trigger some sort of unexplained feeling within. Many times certain stories, films or books can do this as well. Once you gather these “triggers” , you must take them (or something related to them) with you to your meditation “spot” and sit quietly and meditate. Eventually bits and pieces of your past lives will flow in and out of your conscious mind. It is these pieces that are relevant to what you are experiencing today. Take each notion, or bit that comes and reflect. It is a key to understanding and resolving your current issues.