Peng-shi’s manuscript

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Peng appeared with a screwdriver, he started making different things, all sorts of things. He started making people, so when he made something it was actually a part of him. So everything around you is peng (or peng-shi.) Basically, these words are peng, im peng, and im talking to you who is also peng. When you say something to someone else your actually talking to yourself. When you hit someone your actually hitting yourself. (If you don’t understand refer to chapter 9.)

The peng-shi theory is very hard to explain, you need to experience it through 7 different insights to total enlightment. (Chapter 2. Insight 1, Chapter 3. Insight 2, Chapter 4. Insight 3, Chapter 5, Insight 4, Chapter 6. Insight 5, Chapter 7. Insight 6, Chapter 8. Insight 7,)

Chapter 2. Insight 1

Through this insight, you start to understand why peng made us humans. A long time ago, everything was thought to be an omen (wether bad or good) and everything bad was a punishment from god (loss of crops, death, Bubonic Plague) and everything good (wealth, food) was thought to be a gift from god. But as the evolution of science continued, we discovered that the world is not flat, and that the black death was actually plague which was carried by rats and/or mice that were bitten by infected mosquito’s. Once again, we must open our eyes to the world and science must be dropped.

The quote “History repeats itself” is true because humans don’t know where they’re going. That’s why when you see a coincedence, you believe it to be by chance, but it is not. We are starting a new era, and we are getting frustrated because we are looking for something we can never find, the next few insights are what fills that empty space, and brings us all into one cultural world.

Open your eyes, you must see the world as a whole, not split up because of borders

Do not see the world just through your eyes, see it through your heart too

Remember, peng-shi wrote these insights, he predicted the beginning and end of human kind, the insights are him, we are him, which means he predicted his own birth and death.

Chapter 3. Insight 2

Through peng-shi’s manuscript, there are many clues that foretell everyone’s future, and in the end we become a full peng-shi. We must let go such emotions as, disbelief, fear, anger, and understand that if the world is made out of peng and so is the universe, and that we can change ourselves, then we can change the universe because we are part of it.

The second insight does exactly this, it changes us to understand that we are all one, and making fun of someone else’s ethnic background would be only making fun of yourself. And we cannot allow ourselves to think that things are “impossible” or, that can “never” happen.

Chapter 4. Insight 3

As we start to grasp the Second Insight. We come to the third which states that after we have discarded our fake emotions, we must start looking at things through a different perspective, one that is not so meticulous on proof. We must bring our imaginations back. But remember perspective is peng.

Chapter 5. Insight 4

After discovering these insights, we must remember that language does not exist anymore. Think of it this way, if a stereo system is playing music and there’s no one around it, how can sound exist? If there is no one there to hear that music being played. But remember, the sound/music is peng which is you.

Whistling, is how people communicate, you can tell what type of mood people are in when they whistle. The whistle is our own profile basically. The whistle is a sound that is made from air that comes deep in our lungs therefore expressing what we feel deep inside.

Chapter 6. Insight 5

bskjbflaksjfbksbdflkasbdflaksfbksafbksjfd <-[the un-understandable]…In insight 5 you must now learn to understand the un-understandable which peng (you) has to understand but you don’t know it because you are yourself confused. Which means your actually confusing yourself. This means to be the full-self which is actually peng, has to be understood. So now you understand the un-understandable, for that is impossible. If you have found that out then that means you are doing and are the impossible which means you are being possible which all relates to you finally understanding and being Peng-Shi.

Chapter 7. Insight 6

As we approach the last few words of the manuscript, it is said that we become closer and closer to the planet, and this is natural seeing as how we are the Earth. All cultures end up being one, and remember, as I am writing this, it is only because peng wanted me to, for I am peng and he wants me to tutor all of you to understand the un-understandable (see insight 7). You must remember that you are peng, and everyone else is peng, you control your own fate, and the world’s fate by every little thing that you do. So just remember the little streams become the big rivers.

Chapter 8. Insight 7 (The Final Insight)

The final insight is to make sure that you have understood what you have learned so far, you don’t want to overload your brain with this new information. Don’t choke on everything given here, take it slowly and let it sink in. If you have accomplished all insights you will be able to flip a coin, and make it spin when it lands. This will show that you understand the concepts and have freed your mind, but now it is up to you to find the other insights, there is numerous and unlimited, but don’t be fooled because you are the insights and you WILL find them.

Chapter 9. Understanding the theory (continued from introduction)

If you still don’t understand the Introduction then do not begin reading the other insights for it only gets more confusing and puzzeling, but like every other puzzle the pieces will fit eventually, the only task you must learn is patience. Remember how it was said that everything is made out of peng?, will this is the theory that these insights are based on and you must understand this paragraph before reading them and educating yourself. (educating is peng so you already have the knowledge you must just know how to use it!) Read this poem for example:

One day in the middle of the night,

There was 2 dead boys who wanted to fight,

They drew their swords and shot the boys,

The deaf policeman heard the noise,

If you don’t believe this lie is true,

Ask the blind man he saw it too,

As you can see, in every sentence there’s a contradiction and this makes the poem make no sense, but if you use the peng perspective, you will start to see that it does make sense, at first you maybe forced to believe that you are insane, but remember peng is insane and your peng, therefore you are already insane, there is no extreme level, being confused is impossible, you must never become temporarily disoriented, if you follow along you will come to believe in it