Pesky Insect Facts: Mosquitoes & Fleas

Both of the insects mentioned in this article are unwanted visitors by humans and animals. While the flea is a common pest of dogs and cats, they also infiltrate a home and begin to annoy the human occupants. Attracted to warm bodies, they will fiercely multiply if not stopped. Below you will find facts and trivia concerning mosquitoes and fleas.

Difference in Fleas
While cat and dog fleas are closely related, they are still separate species that have their preference of animal. However, you can find cat fleas wreaking havoc on a dog.

Mosquito Bite Remedies
If you’re looking for a remedy to soothe the itch that comes from a mosquito bite, you can cut open a clove of garlic and rub it on.

High Jumpers
A flea can jump between 130 and 150 times its size, which is the equivalent of a human being able to jump up 1,000 feet into the air. However, it is the cat flea that has a reputation for jumping the highest. It has been recorded to leap 34 inches into the air.

Mosquitoes drink five millionths of a liter of blood per successful bite.

Female Bloodsuckers
Only female mosquitoes drain blood from humans, whereas male mosquitoes dine on natural liquids that come from plants and other resources. The reason why the female needs the blood of humans and animals is to produce her eggs.

Flea Life Span
The majority of fleas in the world do not live past one year old.

Preferential Bloodsucking
Good news for adults , bad news for kids. It seems that mosquitoes prefer the blood of children to adults.

Don’t Be So Blue
If you’re going to wear a color that doesn’t attract mosquitoes, aim for shirt and pants that are not the color blue, which is the shade that the insects gravitate to the most.

Speedy Wings
When a mosquito flaps its wings, they are moving 500 times a second.

Short Life
The average mosquito only lives for two weeks.

Disease Carriers
A scary fact about female mosquitoes is that one out of every 1,000 is a carrier of a disease that could kill their human victims. Each year, mosquitoes are behind around 2 million deaths across the world.

Species Count
Hard to believe, but in the world, there are more than 2,400 flea species, while there are about 2,700 different species of mosquitoes.

Insect Technology
When a mosquito is looking for its next victim, it actually scans its surroundings using an infrared view that detects body temperature.

Female mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide and also zero in on sweat.

Not Far From Home
When a mosquito is out looking for food, they are always within 1 mile of their breeding site.

Number of Species
In the world, you can find 140 different kinds of mosquitoes.

A Flea’s Needs
Fleas require blood to survive and reproduce, which is why they latch onto animals, like dogs and cats. Adult fleas prefer to live on their host animal, and become dislodged when the site is scratched.

Unhealthy Pests
The irritating bites of a flea could prove detrimental to your health. These bugs have the ability to pass on infectious diseases through direct transmission or helping organisms that produce disease find their way to you. Fleas are responsible for cases of dermatitis, murine typhus, plagues, and tapeworm.