Pi is the number that define a circle. It is the ratio of the circle’s circumference over its diameter. We don’t know its exact value. Many people tried to find its value over centuries without success. Nowadays we only knows an approximation of PI containing billions of decimals. Pi value is around 3.1416. Many mathematicians tried to find a sequence in the decimals of Pi to be able to guess the whole number. But Pi have been proved to be irrational meaning that we can’t find two number that by dividing themselves will fall on the value of Pi. Furthermore, Pi is a transcendental number meaning that we can’t construct it. It is outside of our scope. Its number of decimals is infinite. This particular aspect is interesting. This number is maybe the number of the universe. the name of god. It probably describe our whole universe. It is the identification number of our universe. It contains all the information we could have in the past as well the one we could have in the future because it is infinite and infinitely changing. No sequence will be find. It contains all the books ever written as well as the book which will be written in the future.There is no way to decipher its decimals because it is irrational and transcendental.

Pi has been studied by all the great civilizations of the past (Maya, Greek, Egypt, India…). We don’t find such thing as the incredible number of decimals found by our modern civilization. But we find something even more interesting: The song of Pi. It is a Vedic song (from India) where each sound (syllable) represent a number. When Vedic wises sing this song, they actually sing the number Pi. The song have the particularity (it is normal for a song) to have a sequence! In fact, the sounds representing the numbers don’t always represent the same numbers but change over time. The song is : “Gopi Bhagyamaduv rata Shringishodadi Sandiga Kala Jeevitarava Tava Galaddhalara Sangara”. The key of Pi secret seat in this codified modification of number sound representation over time. If we could follow this same principle, maybe, we could guess the decimal of Pi to the infinity and thus have the knowledge of the whole universe.