Points to Ponder about Nature and Science

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Knowledge out to have brought peace order, security, happiness, but the knowledge we have gained has given the opposite results. It is time to ponder. Here are some points


1] Galileo laid the foundation to science. He showed an experiment whose inference changed the way we think.  He showed that a ball of different weight falls uniformly in the gravitational field. It was contradictory to what our mind perceives from nature. Galileo did not explain why free fall acceleration is same for all bodies. We only saw one half of the experiment to make the inference. Let us see the other side. With out Galileo the ball would not have gone to the top of the table. He should have spent energy proportional to the weight of the body to lift it against gravity. The gravitational field we know is quantitized. Energy transfer is quantified. So the ball while falling should give up this energy. If the time taken for exchange of energy in the gravitational field is proportional to the weight of the body then the free fall acceleration is same for all bodies. If Time is related to energy in such manner does it not mean Time is Energy? Read article “ Friction” for further interesting arguments



2] Newton failed to answer what gives matter its property of gravity. He derived his gravitational theory from an assumption of non-equilibrium. Before Newton the world new that all matter has a resistive property against motion. The resistive property is related to weight, and nature should have tendency to increase the weight such that motion becomes increasingly difficult. This leads us eventually to a gravitational collapse. The result is same if we take attractive property. The universe cannot exist unless there is power acting against gravity.  Newton over came this possible objection by assuming that all bodies instinctively travel in a straight line. Any body who observes nature, all the knowledge man has acquired, shows that motion is instinctively curved. Einstein we must remember struggled to introduce a second force against gravity [Anti- gravity]. He in fact introduced it, but later retreated it. Possibly could not find root for it. If you observe life, all life are instinctively anti-gravitational, the second law of thermodynamics applied to matter and life showed this opposition. Does it not mean the world is actually supported by life force not matter force?  Or simply the universe is supported by anti-gravity that comes from life and that gravity and anti-gravity are two sides of the same coin, one causing expansion [unwinding] the other contraction [winding]. Read article “ Friction” and “Fundamental Design” for further interesting arguments


3] Newton’s world was challenged with the discovery of two new forces, electric and magnetic. The following figure explains the school experiments that describe the two forces electric and magnetic.


  School Experiment to Show Magnetic and Electric Force


The first figure tell us electric force and the second figure the magnetic force


The electric force comes from the flow of energy between the positive and negative poles. Now imagine this flow as spiral one then the observed result electric and magnetic becomes the product of the experimentation than being different see figure below








 Vision of Motion of Force or Energy





Nature has spiral signature everywhere. Gravity is spiral and anti-gravity is spiral [design of living structure speaks it]. The idea of energy transfer in spiral manner also explains the fact that when a system looses potential energy it gains kinetic and vice-versa. Imagine here a drill at work. A drill cannot move a bit unless it displaces matter in the opposite direction. Will not this thinking prompts us to review the very foundation of science? There appears only two forces gravity and anti-gravity [life force] and they co-exist as a pulse. Anti-gravity exists in life and its instinctive nature.


The Universe it self is living and it is designed like living system. The earth that inhabits life functions like a heart. When west awakes and unwinds to light, [kinetic energy] the east meets darkness and sleeps [winds] forming a sink for potential energy and thus balancing the system and vice-versa.  In the height of light, the spark of darkness is sowed in the west. Simultaneously in the east that has reached the height of darkness, the spark of light is ignited. Thus it works like a double pump or heart of the universe. Could it mean, the living universe perpetuates in cycles of time by a secret that every life instinctively adopts. This opens a new realm of thought to explain the origin of time and end of time and its re-origin that science seeks very much

 More about it read ”“ “Quantum Pulse and Time Cycle” “Cycle of Knowledge” “Cycle of Time



4] Why the biological information is triplet code, why it exist as dominant and recessive. Why DNA is double helical, why mitotic and meiotic division and reproduction. Life is a continuous process of struggle against nature and its forces. What is that which is struggling? It cannot be information for information is a built up aspect. Nature seems to be supported by two opposing forces. Centripetal and Centrifugal that alternate. Newton seems to have observed one, the centripetal and developed his theory of gravity making wrong assumption that all system in nature travels in a straight line and gravity makes the curve. He built his theory of gravity from the premises of on non-equilibrium and assuming a property of attraction in matter.  But the world new before Newton, the other half of reality, that all matter also has proportional resistive property. If they were equal, motion could not have been possible in any system. This means when gravity or centripetal forces is proposed

by some system, the anti-gravity and resistive property is proposed by some other system. What is that system, which resist this Gravity and what is its cause. Since gravity needs non-equilibrium, the system that opposes should have some form of equilibrium at its base. Could it be inert elements that do not respond to mechanical force but communicates through heat and light force?  Read article Beyond Genes for the answer


Force in Newtonian time was viewed by a straight-line arrow and we still have that notion. The era of electro-magnetic force forced us to look for new sensible base. Einstein came and introduced that space-time is a curvature. Which means force is forced to act in curved manner. The problem still persisted. If space-time is curvature and since gravity is centripetal, it meant that in time everything should collapse to a point. Our quest for knowledge of nature ends here with no further answers. The time-space, matter everything ends here.  Second law of thermodynamics was taking its toll on human ideas!!!!. Einstein the great was aware, he tried to propose anti-gravity, but possibly failed to find a root for it and retreated. This forces us look at time and space closely.


What is time?

Time as we all perceive from nature, is cycle that has two cycles enclosed in it. In one nature around us winds and in the other it unwinds. One in which light shines and in the other light gives way to darkness. One in which we are exposed to the forces of sun and in the other we forced to forces of earth. They exist in cycles of 12, together, they make 24-hour cycle of day and night in which we all live. The cycle is composed of triplet units at which left turns right and vice-versa. So the whole cycle has 8 triplet unit, 4 units made up of 6 [at which left turns right], 2 units made up of 12 [where a major turn around occurs. The ancient knew the secret of three. Each of the 8 units of 3 is cycles. The are embedded in cycles of six, they in turn are embedded in cycles of 12 and cycles 12 are embedded in 24, which completes one pulse of earth. All these units and their change signify subtle energy exchanges. Major changes occur at 6 unit cycles, still major energy changes occur in 12 hour-cycles.  The ancient scholars of India, China, and Mayan knowledge seem to have understood it and incorporated them into their cultures. This knowledge is incorporated into the Quantum Reality discovered in the site System Design and the Secret of Nature and led to proposing that information unit in biological system does not  exist in pair but minimum of two pairs. See Dynamic information


The ancient people knew the secret of three, the triplet code and quantum energy transfer. The secret of three was not only revealed to the ancient but was also done to the modern but they failed to comprehend for they were engaged to exploit and conquer nature.  Large number of experiments has shown that the acceleration of interacting bodies has opposite direction and the ratio of magnitude of acceleration of these bodies is always the same. This ratio is completely independent of the nature of interaction of the bodies. It can be collision between two bodies or the interaction of the same bodies connected through a spring, thread or wire. Finally the bodies may interact without touching each other the same way as planets interact with the sun, the moon and the earth, or a magnet with a piece of iron. The magnitude of acceleration of each body can be quite different for different types of interaction but their ratio always remains 3.  This means energy exchange that transforms into force acting on any particular system takes place by 3.


If these ancient knowledge systems were true, then the conclusion is that knowledge of the modern and the culture it has built is untrue. We are living in the age of darkness where light is still to emerge. Knowledge out to have brought peace, order, happiness and security and in all these counts modern knowledge has failed and thus truly modern knowledge is untrue and needs review from its foundation. [Read article – Foundation Review ]To know nature explore the site “ System Design and the Secret of Nature”