Pop Singer and Singer Ariana Grande Has an Attraction to ‘Darker Things,’ and Dark Things Happen to Her

If you are or have been around a teen, then you probably already know who Ariana Grande is. The 20 year old is an actress, singer and songwriter who is best known for her portrayal of Cat Valentine on the Nickelodean sitcom titled ‘Victorious’ and the spinoff ‘Sam & Cat.’ In the music industry, she struck a chord with fans with a top-ten single, ‘The Way’ from her debut number one Billboard 200 studio album titled ‘Yours Truly.’ With a connection to the younger population, should we be worried about some of the incidents Grande has admitted to having regarding demons, ghosts, and other weird experiences.

Complex interviewed the seemingly sweet and innocent pop music star/actress for a November 2013 piece under the title ‘Shadow of a Doubt,’ with a revealing accompanying photo, and the sub-heading: “Ariana Grande has a pretty face and a golden voice, but the chart-topping sitcom star has a dark side, too.” Also, make notice of the imagery in the lower left-hand corner of the photo – single-eye symbolism manages to creep up into the design.

Apparently, the young performer seems quite attracted to ghosts, demons, aliens, magic, the occult and other entities, as she proudly and openly speaks on the topics during her interview. As the interviewer asks Grande about an obsession with Harry Potter, she responds, “I’m a big nerd. I love Lord of the Rings. I love Harry Potter. I love scary movies. I love dinosaurs, science, aliens, ghosts.”

She then goes on to describe a ghost/demon experience that she had while recently visiting a haunted castle in Kansas City and the local Stull Cemetery, which she says is known as one of the ‘seven gates to hell on Earth.’ She mentions that even the Pope won’t fly over the site. However, Grande felt compelled to visit this very site, and that is when she experienced a ‘sick, overwhelming feeling of negativity over the whole car.’ She recalls smelling sulfur, which she says is a sign of a demon. Another sign of a demon that she says she noticed was a fly in the car. Deeming the situation as scary, she decided to leave.

Before departing the site, she says that she rolled down the window and apologized for ‘disrupting the peace.’ She then took a snapshot of the scene, where she later detected three ‘distinct’ faces in the photograph that she described as being ‘textbook demons.’ When asked to produce the photo, Grande admits that she deleted it. Upon trying to send the picture to her manager, she says she received an error message that the file could not be sent. She swears that the file was ‘666 megabytes,’ which we all know to be the ‘Number of the Beast.’ She also had a folder named “Demons” for photos, but after she started experiencing odd happenings, she says she deleted it.

During her Complex interview, Grande continued to speak of the weird things that have happened to her, and mentioned an incident that involved a ‘mass of black matter’ being beside her bed while she slept, which caused her to weep. She believed that the ‘mass’ was trying to feed off of her fear. She’s also heard strange noises, unidentified whispers, and other odd occurrences.

Grande has allegedly experienced some pretty interesting incidents since her rise in popularity. It leads one to believe if her attraction to the ‘dark side’ is attracting unwanted dark spiritual connections, or if it is just one of the many consequences that come to young performers who are associated with the entertainment industry, where the evils of fame and celebrityhood could be contributing to demonic-like experiences and negative energy.