Possible Effects of Obama’s Stem Cell Research Decision

As you may have heard, President Obama decided to end the Stem Cell Research ban
enacted by President Bush. This controversial subject is being argued by people
of all natures, but whether crossing this line will benefit the greater good is
still speculation.

This situations represents another case of science against religion. Lets
take a look at possible reasons the religious communities frown upon Stem Cell Research.

Are We Playing God

It can be argued that only god should have the right to give life. Stem Cell
Research can ultimately lead to anti-aging technology and extend life spans, but
should these decisions be within our control? Does altering what is meant to
happen result in tragedy? Perhaps.

Possible Negative Effects

Mastering Stem Cell Technology can certainly results in many negative
outcomes, but it’s hard to say exactly what will transpire. If this technology
has the power to cure diseases and repair bodily harm, people will be able to
act without worrying about consequences. If there was a simple cure for cancer,
why stop smoking? If HIV and other STD’s can be cured overnight, why not indulge
in radical behavior? These are just a few examples, but as you can clearly see,
chaos can erupt from these scenarios alone.

What about over population? Think the roads are congested now? Now just
imagine if the average life span was extended an extra 20 years. If your having
a hard time finding employment now, imaging how difficult it would be if the
competition increased by a third. I won’t even go into food supply, energy
consumption, living space, and all the other areas that will be affected.

Will the current monetary system survive extended life spans? Social Security
benefits are already almost bankrupt, what will happen if the elderly were
allowed to collect for an additional 20 years? Will the retirement age change?
Of course living a longer life span will drain your savings a lot more, so what
will be left to leave to your children?

Possible Positive Effects

Stem Cell Research has just as many positive effects as negative. Paralysis
will be a problem of the past, broken families will have a fighting chance,
babies born into disease can be cured. There are many injustices in this world,
but Stem Cell Research can be a miracle for many of them.

The Down And Dirty Conclusion

Stem Cell Research can provide great benefit and also cause great problems.
Allowing Stem Cell Research is like opening a new can of worms, but I feel it
must be done. But great care needs to be taken when deciding the policies and
allowing treatment.

If Stem Cell Research is successful, I am pretty sure the rich and elite will
buy their way to health while others who truly need help will be denied. This is
the upsetting truth that I foresee. I just hope the policy makers that govern us
have the common sense to look ahead and take the appropriate steps needed to
ensure the possible repercussions will be handled in a rational way.