Powers That Be

Drink your beer, watch your football, take your Viagra, have lots of sex, keep shopping and spending, don`t worry about anything, the American dollar is fine, there`s no recession, everything is great, we`ll keep you safe but most of all don`t think bout it.

The last thing an overgrown, corrupt government wants is a thinking population. A dumbed-down America is necessary for this operation to keep on existing. A quick look at the Presidential race will cause the hair on the necks of any thinking person to stand straight up. Big media, big government, big business, all equal big problems for Americans, except of course if you remain oblivious to it; after all, sleep is bliss. But just because you aren`t aware of a problem doesn’t mean that the problem isn`t there- like the frog in the slowly heated pot of water that doesn`t realize the pot will soon be boiling, Americans were oblivious to the warning signs that should have raised red flags.

If you don`t know the truth about the Federal Reserve then I would suggest researching it and understanding first and foremost that the Fed is not a US government agency. It`s a group of private bankers. Anyone who needs waking up to the realities of our government and our world need to be shown this simple fact. It`s a good place to start. Next you may want to learn about the Council on Foreign Relations. It`s a global think tank consisting of the so called movers and shakers of our world. These people decide world policy-despite what you hear and read about democratic elections etc.-one word of caution, going down this rabbit hole will most certainly lead to realities that have caused many people to become a bit “unwrapped”.  But it seems that the majority of Americans who peek into the world of the global elites tend to run back and hide from the truth because after all, sleep is bliss.


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    Desmond Jones