Predictions of the Brahan Seer

Whether you believe if he actually exists or not, the Brahan Seer (better known as Coinneach Odhar to Scottish Gaelic natives), is the stuff that legends are made of. So, what makes the Brahan Seer of importance? Well, in the eyes of some, he is compared to Nostradamus , the man who is credited with predicting a great deal of major events. In this article, you will learn some of the things that the Brahan Seer has been linked to.

Being likened to Nostradamus is quite a feat for a person believed to have the ability to see the future. Following in the same footsteps, the majority of his prophecies enlightened the masses after translation. However, this also creates issues, as the interpretation is sometimes left to the imagination. Verification of the Brahan Seer’s gift is impossible to complete, as no manuscripts or other accounts of his predictions exist in contemporary circles.

After word spread of his mystical talents, he was invited to work in the Seaforth territory located close to Dingwall at the Brahan Castle. This change in his life seemed to have brought about an unfortunate turn of events for the Seer, which ultimately led to his murder at Chanonry Point.

It is said that the Brahan Seer was subjected to being burnt in a tar barrel filled with spikes upon the request of Lady Seaforth. Why? The Brahan Seer predicted that the Earl of Seaforth was cheating on his wife with one (and possibly more) women while he was in Paris. This sent Lady Seaforth through the roof, as it not only made her husband look bad, but also greatly embarrassed her.

As for his words of wisdom, it is said that the Brahan Seer used a stone with a hole in the center when he saw his visions. Some of the predictions attributed to him include:

·    Caledonian Canal: The Seer stated “One day ships will sail round the back of Tomnahurich Hill.” During the days of the Seer, the River Ness was the primary choice for shipping to take place , a site located on the opposite side of Tomnahurich Hill. When he first mentioned the prediction, it was highly unlikely to come true because who would want to use a different route for ships. Anyhow, the prediction did come true, as the Caledonian Canal (which dates back to the 19th century) takes a detour from the River Ness, which creates a route that takes vessels to the back of Tomnahurich.

·    Fairburn Tower: The Seer stated that “The day will come when the MacKenzies of Fairburn shall lose their entire possessions; their castle will become uninhabited and a cow shall give birth to a calf in the uppermost chamber of the tower.” So, did the end come for the MacKenzies of Kintail and Seaforth? In 1851, the tower was in ruins and was used by a farmer as a place to store hay. A cow actually gave birth right in the garret. The story goes that the animal followed a path of hay, entered the tower and made its way to the top, where it got stuck. The cow gave birth to a calf and both weren’t removed until five days had passed, just so witnesses could see the prophecy came true. For the Seer, Fairburn was an important location, as at least three of his prophecies have become fulfilled.