Preventative Herbal Treatments for Young Adults

As a young adult, life takes many different twists and turns as you finish college, enter the workforce, and deal with everyday events and occurrences that can shape the rest of your future. Individuals in their 20s and 30s often experience good health, which is often taken for granted. In this article, we will take a look at how herbs, vitamins, and minerals can help prevent some of the medical occurrences that frequent this age group.


When minor problems arise, it is easy to ignore at first because the immune system is quite resilient. During this age, it is common to rush or bypass meals. Additional obstacles that arise which also threaten the health of this age group, includes smoking cigarettes and consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. Taking the right kind of herbs and other natural ingredients will add to the strength of the immune system, as well as cleanse the body of unwanted materials.


Preventative Herbal Treatments


The next time you are in the neighborhood of a local health food store, you might want to stock up on the following herbs in order to ease some of the tension of moving further from the 20s. To add a boost in the immune system, echinacea is a great option to consider. It also helps to eliminate the signs of colds or flu. When work and other outside pressures become too much, the herb also assists to decrease stress levels. A recommended dosage includes taking three 200 mg capsules (three times per day).


As you come across milk thistle seeds, you should know that it is a great selection when you need to restore the health of the liver. After a heavy night of partying and consuming alcoholic beverages, this herbal remedy works wonders. To maximize the potential of this natural treatment, you should take 5ml of a milk thistle seed tincture before entering several rounds of drinks. At the start of a new morning, the tincture should also be taken.


To cleanse the lymphatic system, cleavers have been known to bring about positive changed. It is suggested to take 5 to 10 ml of tincture as a remedy. When you have the fresh herb on hand, you can create a pulp that measures about ten cups, which can be used to make a drink. Don’t become put off by the appearance, it will be green in color. This remedy should be taken three times per day.


Helpful Tonics


When looking for helpful tonics to improve your health, there are plenty of options to consider. Need a boost of energy? Taking astragalus root is a great way to put more pep in your step. This particular tonic comes from the wisdom of Chinese herbalists and is a popular remedy for young adults. One can take one to two 200 mg capsules or enjoy a glass filled with a tonic wine, which should be taken on a daily basis. The Chinese also use a tonic wine made from he shou wu, which is known to increase the reproductive energy in young adults. This is also a daily remedy as well.