Preventive Herbal Treatments for Babies and Toddlers

When it comes to the first stage of life, babies and toddlers are quite vulnerable in regards to their health and immune system. During this time of our lives, we grow the most, as well as learn more than any other time period. This is why many parents are constantly searching for natural ways to treat and prevent medical harm to their children. This article explores this topic of herbal remedies for babies and toddlers.


Despite receiving helpful antibodies from their mother’s milk (if they are breastfed) , numerous bacterial threats, pollution, and other chemicals may come in contact with a baby, often weakening their natural defense. When considering the use of herbal remedies for babies and toddlers, you should know that consulting your doctor beforehand ensures the most for your child’s safety.


Preventive Treatments


For parents looking for a way to prevent health ailments, there are various herbs, vitamins and minerals to consider. Below you will find a few common options used as preventive treatments for babies and toddlers:


Chamomile: This herb is known for its soothing properties. If you put a couple of drops of chamomile oil in the bathwater at nighttime, it can calm a child. You may also give a child 25 ml of a weak infusion. The infusion can be made by combining 10 g of dried herb to 500 ml of water.


Evening Primrose Oil: When a child lacks the essential fatty acids in their diet, they may exhibit hyperactive tendencies. Parents have often found results in giving their child 10-20 drops of essential evening primrose oil on their tongue to ease this condition. This should be given to a child on a daily basis and is not recommended for babies that are under the age of three months.


Hyssop: This herb has a reputation of clearing excess mucous and aiding chest problems. You may create an infusion by mixing 10 g of dried hyssop to 500 ml of water. For 2-3 times per week, a parent can give their child ½ cup of infusion (75 ml). Once again, this herbal treatment is not recommended for babies under the age of three months.


Vitamin C: Giving your baby fresh fruits and vegetables is a great preventive treatment for a wide-range of ailments. If your child is not too accepting of these food items, you may give them vitamin C drinks with flavor.


Iron: If your child is not getting enough iron, they may experience learning difficulties in the future. You can combat this threat by making sure your child consumes foods that contain iron, such as green veggies, legumes, meat, eggs, and whole wheat bread.


Zinc & Manganese: Deficiencies in these vitamins and minerals can lead to sleepless nights and hyperactivity. Giving your child supplements will help; such as daily doses of zinc (10mg) and manganese (.5-1mg). You should also keep in mind that these supplements should not be given to babies under the age of three months.