Psikenitic powers how they associated to US Military

  Is it really possible to read peoples minds? Haven’t you ever wondered if you can pick up a car from the ditch it fell into? Or maybe its not even real and its all made up with our very extensive imaginations? Well with all the things I have experienced in my life I must tell you that NOTHINGS IMPOSSIBLE.

Of course you sit on your computer reading this and you think that this is all bullcrap. The name Psicolons in my mind is a ridiculously stupid name but they are here. They are about our height but its weird because they resemble that of a octopus very large head with very distinctive tenticles that change form whenever possible, a highly shrewed race that evolved psi-powers abot 20,000 years ago. They first visited Earth around the 1950’s right around when Majestic-12 was gaining publicity. These aliens seem to be in some sort of an alliance with us and they’re at war with the Grey’s.

Psi-Powers was first used by an American Scientist who I will not name for governmental issues as far as I know he’s a hermophidite as far as you should be concerned. Well anyways it[since gender cannot be described] invented a helmet that can derive the part of our brain that controls extra-storage and extra-survival instincts (this is where our brain controls our “extra abilities” such as psi-powers for one, our sixth sense that detects magnetic polarity and etc.) and use it towards our own advantage. But with a downside the helmet which it called “promethius’s partner” caused very malignant brain tumors because they were using various types of radiation and alternative power sources that were usually fatal fortunately he himself didn’t test it on him but on our American Soldier like they have on the LSD experiments and the “metamorphic human” experiments which I will describe later on not now.

Anyways the biggest breakthrought came in the Eighties when they used another helmet which was powered by the infamous water and ununpentium power supply to use psi-powers. This is where I stop here. I will eventually come back again and find more highly secretive documents and government occupations.

Till next time

The biggest breakthrough