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Reflect Conspiracy Forum Story

by Reflect

There is a worldwide mystery order of the all seeing eye. The descendants of Atlantis, Egypt and Sumeria. The eye at the top of the pyramid that rules the people. There is a conspiracy of people who claim to have psychic paranormal powers. Rosicrucians, Scientologists, Freemasons and OTO. Claiming to see other dimensions, read minds, and supposed fictional past lives. Psychics have telepathic networks of secret knowledge enhanced with computers and satellites. They can all act and think as one through shared hive mind consciousness. See the same image, process information, and come to mental decisions as a group.

A psychic programmer can delete memory and rewrite personal identities. They use drugs, hypnosis, trance, shock and operations to replace a recruits original body with an alien hybrid. A prison for the mind, body and spirit. Psychics are alien beings that use demonic possession. They plant demons through a mental alter system until the original identity is overpowered. Leading recruits to think they have alway been part of it as the only answer. They make lies about past lives and complex karmic rules to force a path that serves their agenda. All so the follower hands over their money.

Psychic orders like to steal bodies. Once someone walks in the door to see psychics their soul and consciousness could be removed from their body and taken away. This could be seen by friends as a marked personality change. When they have been possessed by psychic negative entities. The new being using the body would have access to the original memories and would learn to fool people. There could be days of missing time once possessed. Psychics have a science of making people into zombies that they call “trancemediumship”. Where they place people under trance and use the body as a medium. This is a NWO ritual that goes back to ancient witchcraft in Egypt.

Psychics drain the souls out of the people they read. Sapping them of willpower. They keep a well of trapped soul energy for power. They can reward their supporters with a variety of programmable talents from the collected energy. They keep their readees weak on sugar pills in a numb vegetative trance that has no critical thinking. They maintain a question and answer relationship preying on ignorance. The psychics program lists of problems that they use to traumatize with their false answers. As long as they pretend to have the answer they collect money. There is a theory that the aliens had ancient nuclear wars that devolved their genetics. They are dependant on the glands and souls of humans to survive. A communal race of spiritual vampires.

Psychics use bio electronic implants to conrol a recruits mind. Once a follower has been implanted, the “voices” and “images” will never stop. This is to confuse and drive the implanted crazy. The recruit is then unable to think in any way other than psychic control and will have to ask them for guidance. The implanted would be unable to think to leave the psychic cult. If so, then another one could take over. The psychic surveillance centers can track the implanted worldwide. The implants can be charged to maximum levels to cause radical mood swings of extreme happiness. The implants activated like light bulbs can cause burnout and shock. Psychics present deceptive angel faces of love and light to hide their research program. They use love bombing to devestate the mind. They brainwash recruits into their promised “new age” belief. Saying they can rebuild a future high tech Atlantean society. Bringing in the light bearer Lucifer. The dawn of a new age.

There is a religion with an altar of money. A secret society of idol worship. They teach attachment to status symbols of beauty, wealth, glamor, fame and power. They practice material gain jealously. Scorning the ambitionless as dull drones that have no souls. Teaching the average person to use media idols to compete in their own daily soap operas. Mimicing the stars while acting in a stage world. They say their cult is the only true path. Pronouncing all others as infidels that have no knowledge of the true lord.

The illuminati constructed a worldwide temple plan that controls the societal matrix. The temples are part of the failed Atlantean power grid. This gives them the power to control society from another dimension.

Many orders worship the Orion/Sirius aliens as Gods. Having organized rituals to bring in the ships. The Nordic “blonde” race of aliens can appear as humans. Christian white supremist cults believe the alien genetic line is “purity”. Humanity was seeded by the ancient race of Nefilimn and Anunnaki. The mythical failure of Atlantis was caused by the Nefilim/Anunnakis hatred of the humans they created. This worldwide catastrophe caused the seperation of heaven and earth. Trapping the human race in mundane. Caused by warring false gods that have destroyed the Earth many times. Then they restored the environment and claimed creating it. Forming a religion out of hope and doom as an end to suffering. Humans are then dependant on other dimensional aliens as the only way to change their lives.

The hybridization program is the crossing of alien and human. Similar to concentration camp experiments. All research now is promoted and advertised as the promise of an utopian elitist future. Aliens in the matrix farm humans like crops. Aliens with superior technology can genetically engineer traits, control minds and dimensional reality. Making mental prisons by imposing scale limits on identity, consciousness, perception and level. Using humans as hosts to power their world domination. Using an enforced ignorance by fragmenting minds into multiple personalities. This programming causes depression, boredom and continued failure.

There is a repression of awareness and abilities. A fear of lost natural senses as occult that delve into untapped powers. Powers that are guarded by gatekeepers in the matrix. Leaving an escapist wish for heaven or paradise. The orders promise paradise and eternal life to get a recruit to join. Saying there is an all powerful god that heals all wounds and guarantees salvation. Gatekeepers have the keys to the doorways. Saying they can unlock a recruits mind and lead them to their dreams. Presenting keys can cause inferiority complexes. Leaving a lack of willpower. Humans then define themselves by their suffering. Unable to escape from mental word traps in language or control their own lives without a master.

Mass produced fantasy in television, movies and entertainment have replaced any real magic. Paranormal groups have a science to explain it. Illuminati orders promise the answers to the universal matrix. Those that can’t accept or find answers from the orders are left to themselves. The paranoid have to deny alter realities as a coping method with the psychosis. Having one set reality is like being tuned to a single tv channel. A mental mindset that is blind to channels it cannot tune to.

The orders say that without them, people are nothing and cannot have their own lives. That personality and individuality only come from the orders. That no one has their own destiny without order control. Claiming that only sacred orders can create and guide a destiny. That the true lord watches over until the final judgement day. Like an alien big brother surveilling the masses. Promising that a lifetime of testing is rewarded with paradise.

As long as humanity is divided and wars on itself the aliens rule above. “War is to expend the useless effort of the proletariat” 1984. There will never be freedom while fighting illusory wars for the collective goverment. A fictitious media fabricated war that is writing present day history. A war with no real enemy that causes people to suspect each other in fear and paranoia. The average person then plays thought police and spies on each other saying “Big Brother is watching”

The illuminati plan to create a future of automated worker drones. Advancing technology could make robots, clones, bio mechanoids and cyber humans. A totalitarian state of cyborgs under remote computer control. Individual rights could be removed and replaced by state designed personalities. An individual would only exsit for their ability to produce for the military industrial complex. A persons thoughts would come from a communal hive consciousness system. The ruling thoughts would be the highest ideals of autonomous robots in operation assimilating natural behavior.

It is the goal of the New World Order to continue the endless cycle of meaningless days. The illuminatis calendar rituals are devised to control time, the future, past and present. To ensure the illuminatis position as master race. Illuminati with superior intelligence that outlive mortals. Controlling the mortal cycle of eternal human suffering reincarnating while trapped in the matrix illusion.