Psychic Predicts Events of 2010

At the turn of the year psychics always weigh in their predictions for the new year.  Those who are hoping for a quick easy prediction beware, though.  Though a catastrophic earthquake has been predicted in California every year since the last one, it has made many a would be prognosticator look the fool.  Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting predictions real psychics are predicting for the coming year.

First, one psychic named Nikki predicted there would be trouble on the moon’s surface and atmosphere.  This seems general enough to be actually possible, except that the moon has been shown to have no atmosphere.  Of course another psychic is estimating that we will discover that the moon has a thin atmosphere that has been created in the past twenty years.  Nikki was correct last year in her assertion that Sarah Palin would write a tell-all book and that Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze, and Farrah Fawcett would die.  She was wrong, however, in her assertion that the Loch Ness monster would be captured.  She also estimated that a number of green animals would be captured last year including a green bear and a green flamingo.

Coming in the year 2010, according to psychic of the stars Nikki, mummies will be found in Egypt (which seems like a fairly safe bet), Reptiles will invade El Paso Texas (fairly vague), and two cruise ships will collide in the Caribbean Ocean.  Additionally, there will be a worldwide power outage which seems monumentally unlikely considering power grids are connected.  There is, however, one possibility for a worldwide blackout, if the Earth passes through some sort of electromagnetic field that disrupts power and electronics worldwide.  All but the most durable simply made electronics would be ruined by such an event.  In addition, the sun has been acting very strangely.  We are in a Solar minimum at the moment which would make a solar storm unlikely, but incredibly devastating to Earth’s electronics.  Of further interest, in 2010 a mysterious insect will begin devastating crops in Iowa.

Several other predictions seem to be repeats of the previous year including celebrity deaths and terrorist attacks, which are less interesting psychically because they are influenced directly by people and therefore less of a coincidence on a cosmic scale.  It seems several psychics, however, agree with her on several points including the mass (perhaps not worldwide) blackouts due to failing infrastructure, the possibility of strange weather on the sun, and scientific breakthroughs including a possible cure for Lupus.

One of the most incredible claims made by Nikki is that in the year 2010 life will be found elsewhere in the universe.  While the disaster predictions may be a bit too grim to hope for any accurate predictions, it would be quite an incredible vindication if life was found on another planet and a psychic had predicted the whole thing.  Will 2010 prove to be as incredible as psychics are predicting?  Signs point to yes.