Psychics Have Big News for 2011

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The world of prognosticating the future has been around for thousands of years and has enjoyed many victories and setbacks in that time.  This past year several psychics predicted world events with some level of accuracy while others predicted incredible things that never came to pass.  But let’s take a few of the psychics who got it right big time in 2010 and see what they have to say about the new year.

Craig Hamilton-Parker, in early 2010 predicted several things that eventually came to pass.  When he predicted the Pakistani flooding he hoped he was wrong, but was tragically proved right when thousands found themselves homeless and many were killed.  He also predicted the denial of servica attacks on Visa and Mastercard for pulling their services from the Wikileaks site after the release of secret government documents.  And now in 2011, Craig has released his predictions for 2011 including a nuclear accident in India and a massive chemical factory explosion that will claim many lives.  He also predicts a major plane crash that kills a top US politician and a record produced by Yoko Ono and Paul McCartney honoring John Lennon.  He also predicted a massive Earthquake in California resulting in the Hollywood sign being damaged alongside several other things that may come to pass.

And outside of the celebrity psychic circle, I recently received an email from a man wishing only to go by the name “Shaker” who predicts several things as well.  Shaker, as he wishes to be called, predicts that in the year 2011 the biggest news of the year will be of scientific origin, and even if it isn’t reported in the news at the time it will certainly be the single thing that will be put into history books for decades afterward.  When asked what this discovery would be, responded “I’m not sure what it will be, but it will change everything.  And I mean everything.”  Shaker further predicted that in 2011 a fad of dead celebrities appearing in films would start and last all the way through to 2012 when Heath Ledger would appear in the next Batman film.  When asked about Wikileaks and the upcoming Assange trial Shaker said simply “Limbo.”  When asked to elaborate he just repeated the same word again.  When asked about the year 2011 and the UFO phenomenon he said, “Hold on to your hat.”  When I asked if this meant disclosure, he said, “That’s disclosure with a little d.  The real mystery everyone is looking for will be around for most people a long time.”  He also said that the coming year was going to be a dangerous one for hackers.

So whether your information is coming from a well known psychic or a virtual stranger one thing is for certain.  Think about all the mysteries that came about and all the big news that appeared in the year 2010 along with all of its excitement, drama, and mystery.  We’re in for at least that much in the coming year and possibly far more.  And whether anyone sees it coming or not, we are sure in for plenty of surprises.