Pull electric current from the earth’s magnetic flux lines

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Earth flux line cutting for power?

Jerry Wayne Decker ( [email protected] )
Sun, 16 Apr 2000 10:46:31 -0700 (PDT)


While looking through some magnetic patents, I came
across this one claiming to be able to pull electric
current from the earth’s magnetic flux lines by
rotating two coils vertically so that the magnets
would cut the onion skin like shells of magnetic force
around the earth.


Not saying it is free energy because something has to
cause the rotation, a battery and motor in this case,
though he has an option for a radiometer (solar vanes
pushed by light, very weak effect).

This struck me as intriguing because of the so-called
Stevens (Mark Stevens or Steven Marks) device that was
supposed to be solid state, yet vibrated and produced
electrical current to power a light bulb.


“It is supposedly tuned to the 7.23 Hz Earth’s EM
field. It is shown in 3 sizes: about 10 inches in
diameter, larger, and the largest one was about 18-24
inches in diameter. They are placed flat (parallel to
the ground) in the air (on a glass table). When the
permanent magnet(s) is/are inserted, the secondary
registers an output of about 80-100 Volts, on a
regular VTVM as seen on the tape. The tape calls this
Voltage DC, and also says that it is around 5,000 Hz,
which of course does not make sense.

The interesting thing is that when the output is
connected to a regular lamp light bulb, it lights up
just fine – so the promoters say see! It lights a 100
Watt bulb…”
In a magnet, the flux lines that we see in 2
dimensions are really nested shells, like onion skins,
with the flux lines spreading out the further they get
from the magnet. So the greatest density would be
closer to the body of the magnet (the earth in this

There is a long sought device called the ‘tenescope’
which was reported in an old UFO book and supposedly a
well known device in the 40s and 50s but no one I’ve
ever heard or talked to has ever seen one or has any
knowledge of it except for what was in the Frank
Scully book. (good takeoff with X files, Scully, she
must be his daughter..<g>..)

The Tenescope device was supposed to be able to
visually show and count the flux lines of any magnetic
field including the earth.

So its a matter of moving up and down to move across
these onion skins of magnetic flux lines.

Coils spinning vertically to generate power..hmmm,
might be worth a winding session…

That drags in the gravity drop tests where powered
coils appeared to fall slower and the capacitor that
charges up when it is dropped onto the floor…caused
by traversing layers of magnetic flux lines???


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