Pyramid energy research

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Pyramid energy research

}PPANASONI} PYRAMID POWER AND OTHER EFFECTS from Jeff Johnston ———————————————————————- I see by the replies to the messages that I may have opened a can of worms on this subject. I would be glad to respond to all of you, but due to limited time I would like to do this collectively. I have made two replies to questions online and ran out of time. It seems that the best way to do this is to write this off-line, and then upload the replies to all your questions. To follow things so far I think it goes something like this: some of my research was based on following experiments that other people have performed. The one item that got me started was an electron microscopic photograph of a razor blade that had been treated in a pyramid. There was a BEFORE and AFTER shot showing how the metal had re-generated itself at the crystalline level. I found this very interesting, because to me it seemed like pretty good verification for some kind of effect. I suspect that multiple frequencies are involved and that is why I branched out in the direction of bio-medical effects, i.e. brainwave activity, some form that could be tried out with different people under different circumstances, to see any consistancy of effects. I did this research and other experiments that I haven’t described yet, about 8 or 9 years ago. This pyramid power effect is only part of what I have been tracking as a larger effect that works in other areas too. This may sound a little crazy but from what I can tell so far from my research, it is linked to type of “Earth Energy Effect” (I need some sort of name to try to describe this) that has been used in various forms throughout what we know as “recorded history”. When I have more time available I will attempt to write a summary of experiments performed over the last 20 years. This involves pyramid power and other related material. One of my conclusions is that SHAPE has an effect on surrounding matter, and that it doesn’t have to be in the exact shape of a pyramid to have an effect. For example, I have experimented with altering the base angle to apex ratio and found that other shapes will work also. This led me into another area in the design of antennas for capturing this type of energy. I built a few prototype designs that were not even square and still got some results. Not always as good results as using a standard pyramid, but they did something. To answer your question: YES. The longest running experiment that I did in this area was a preservation experiment that lasted 18 months. I used a piece of raw pork. If anything is going to go bad, raw pork will in about 48 hours. After 18 months there was no evidence of it smelling or being bad. Only have 2 min. left will cont. another time.

The following is a reply to answer some questions. In answer to the question what brainwave states did the subjects experience: Alpha, Beta and Theta. In most subjects alpha was experienced in the first 15 minutes. About half of the group experienced theta around the 40 to 50 minute time frame. I tried several lengths of time, 1 hour, 1 and 1/2 hours, 2 hours, and 3 hours. I experimented with a number of variables of time length, also the time of day the experiment was done. I was looking for some connection to some research done in Germany starting in the 1940’s dealing with what had now come to be known as Cosmobiology. (Today the Russians take this quite seriously and continue doing research in this area.) Cosmobiology is still “alive” and well in Germany today, as well as some research being done in the United States. Cosmobiology deals o73 with cycles of time. It was some of the original research that spawned another subject, biorhythms. Now, a lot of what is being done as biorhythms today has kind of strayed from the original path, and the type of programs or information I see on the subject today has been diluted quite a bit and as a result a lot of the accuracy has been lost. So please don’t judge the Parent Cosmobiology, by the Child Biorhythms who due to misunderstanding and lack of applied methods has caused some people to question it’s validity. For biorhythms to work properly it has to be based on the exact time of the begining of the cycle. This means to the nearest minute. Most software programs available today are only in the ballpark because they are based on a window of time that is 24 hours wide. This is too wide for accurate results in my opinion. Consult the original research done in this area and I think you will see why. It’s a question of methodology. See Rineholt Ebertein et al.

In answer to the question: Am I still doing research into the pyramid effect? Yes I am, but not just “pyramid” research. I am in the slow process of writing a book that includes some of the information of pyramid effects but the core of the book material is on some other subjects that are related. These involve some of the things I stumbled across while doing research on the pyramid effects and other fields that at first I thought were entirely unrelated.

In answer to what type of control materials to use: I would recommend using two items as closely matched as possible. For example, If you are planning on using razor blades in an experiment then be sure that both the control and the experimented blade are from the same SET or package from the same manufacturing facility. If using fruit or organic material, then for example, use one apple but cut the apple in half using one side for control and one side for the experiment. On the subject of controls, be sure that the area that you are doing the experiment in is as closely matched as possible in temp. humidity, light, electromagnetic fields, alignment etc., and that the area being observed be as secure as possible. The reason I say that is once upon a time I had an experiment that ran for several weeks and I got one result. I re-ran it and got another result. I re-ran it again and got another result. Well by this time I was wondering what the problem was, and after a lengthly investigation found out that someone in my household had been cleaning in the area and unknowingly contaminated the experiment. (Drove me crazy trying to figure it out.) If you are doing preservation experiments, or any other for that matter, be sure you do not exceed 5% of the volume of the pyramid.

In answer to the question: Can you eat fruit preserved in a pyramid? Yes. I have eaten lots of things preserved this way. (This was done 8 or 9 years ago, I am still alive so I guess there are no known toxic effects.) One of my organic subjects was a carrot that at the begining of the experiment was about 9 inches long by 1 and 1/4 inch around. 18 months later this carrot was about 3 inches long and about the size of a pencil around. I ate it. It tasted fine, had a good flavor and seemed to me not to have changed too much except for the water content.

In answer to the question: What materials did I build the large o73 meditation pyramid out of? Well, all together I built several hundred pyramids, out of all sorts of materials, from 1 inch to 12 feet on the base. The meditation pyramid that I did the brainwave experiments in was made of aluminum tubing 3/4 inch diameter. On the subject of materials, I have found that different materials have different effects. Some of these effects can be classified as “hardcore scientific” and some are purely subjective states reported by the person having the experience. A.K.A. “a feeling inside”. If you are using metal materials then I recommend not to use young plants, because from what I can tell, the effect is too intense for them at a young age. If you are dealing with experimenting with purely biological effects then I recommend using wood or organic materials. I have found that in some circumstances that if you are looking for effects in VLV (Very Low Voltage) then the only way to go is pure organic materials. I think that covers this batch of questions. I wish you well in your experiments. The above reminds me of an experiment I did with the 12 foot based aluminum tubing pyramid that I have found very interesting. I built an insulated copper coil of about 120 winds, and placed it about 18 inches down from the apex of the pyramid. I ran the wires down the northeast side of the pyramid aligned to magnetic north. I connected the wires to a device that sent electrical signals through it operating at 2 million cycles per second at 50,000 volts A.C. I let this run for several hours. I noticed afterwards that it seemed to magnify the effect of the pyramid, but what really got me was that there was a faint glow in the dark at the apex. This was related to the charging done before hand. What gave me part of the idea to try this was a picture I saw, a kirlian photograph that showed a glow around the apex of a pyramid. As far as research goes, a very good book on the subject is called The Great Pyramid by Christopher Bird. In it he covers the history and mathematics involved especially in relationship to the solar system. I would recommend it as one of the best researched books in this area. This guy spent years digging through libraries all over the world, using documents that are preserved in archives, listing some of the earliest recorded information available.

I would be glad to answer more of your questions as time permits. Just leave your questions as mail on paranet and I will collect them and issue another upload. That way everyone that is interested can see the answers to their questions and also so I don’t answer the same question over and over and over to different people. I am also interested in any original research in this area that anyone would care to share with me, especially in the areas of geomagnetic disturbances, electromagnetic force fields and related subjects. Thank you, Jeff Johnston.

NOTE FROM THE MAGICIAN Crystal Cave 719-391-1092. It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the use of aluminum in building pyramids causes a distinct loss of the power of said object. It is best to use anything other than this metal.