The Double Helix Pyramid Beam

       In 1986, I (Jerry Decker) had the  good  fortune to attend a Crystal
       Conference held in Irving, Texas.  At that meeting,  there were many
       new age types, yet two presenters really caught my interest.

       Mary and Dean  Hardy  of  Allegan,  Michigan lectured on the ongoing
       work she and Dean had been carrying  out  with  respect  to  pyramid
       energy.  At first, I had much trouble accepting what  I  was hearing
       but when a slide was shown of a pyramid emitting a double helix beam
       of energy when excited by a Tesla coil, I was hooked.

       Mary frequently referred to an energy which she called “TACHION”.  I
       asked for clarification  and she said the word was coined by Kenneth
       Killick to describe an effect he had  investigated  involving “tacky
       ions”.  This is by no means the faster than light particles known as
       TACHYONS.  Kenneth has the ability to see and manipulate  energy  of
       various sorts and worked with the Hardy’s and others for many years.

       After that lecture so many years ago, Mary and Dean have become good
       friends and valuable  contacts.   When they visit Dallas, they often
       stay at my house and we discuss many subjects.

       Mary and Dean have written two excellent books, Pyramid Energy and a
       revised edition available from them  at  the  address  at the end of
       this file.  It is one of the best books on pyramid  energies  that I
       have read primarily  because  it  involves the use of energy to form
       what has been termed “Standing Columnar Waves”.   It also deals with
       patterns that seem to influence energy for specific effects.

       Doug Benjamin is an energy researcher who has investigated geometric
       angles derived from Egyptian sources  and actual experiments.  These
       angles are basically   3   sided  pyramids  (2  dimensional)   which
       correspond to specific organs of the body.  When properly used, they
       can improve the  energy  level  and  thus the health of the targeted

       Doug has known and worked with the  Hardy’s for many years and had a
       photograph of the pyramid slide that so fascinated  me.   He  kindly
       gave us a copy of this photo for our archives.  Thanks to the

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       efforts of Ron  Barker,  we  now  have  this  image  scanned  in and
       available for study and hopefully duplication.

       An interesting story  about  Doug  happened  at  a  Global  Sciences
       Congress in Denver  in  1989.  He and I were talking  about  several
       subjects and he  pulled  what appeared to be a ceramic tile from his
       pocket.  Doug asked if the tile looked  familiar and I remarked that
       it looked like a heat tile from the space shuttle.

       Doug said it  had  an unusual history in that he had  “bribed”  some
       Egyptian government officials  to  allow him access to a non-tourist
       area.  That area was of much interest  to  him  as it consisted of 3
       pyramids which turned out to be connected by a single tunnel.

       He then drew  a  diagram  of  it and asked what I thought  it  might

                               Ziggurat style
                  /                 /                 /
                 /                 /__               / 
                /                 /____             /   
               /                 /______           /     
                 |  |               |  |               |  |
                 |  |_______________|  |_______________|  |

       Doug said the  pyramids  on  the left and right were normal pyramids
       while the center one was a ziggurat (stepped).  Now if energy was in
       fact somehow received or transmitted  by  such a stepped pyramid, it
       would function as a lens commonly termed a FRESNEL.

       Therefore, it appeared to be some form of SCALAR INTERFEROMETER with
       the left and  right  pyramids  acting  as  either  transmitters   or
       receivers and the center acting as a concentrating lens or targeting

       These tiles lined   the   connecting  corridors  between  all  three
       pyramids and would seem to be some  form  of channel for a very high
       intensity energy.

       Interestingly enough, in Mary and Dean’s many trips  to  Egypt, they
       have found several interior anomalies in the Cheops pyramid that are
       commonly known, yet  from  their  research, they have come up with a
       new twist on what these anomalies were produced by or used for.

       I will not go into great detail as it is covered quite well in their
       fascinating book, however, Mary and  Dean  feel  that the Ark of the
       Covenant was an energy accumulator that was used in conjunction with
       the pyramids.  They cite a mysterious channel in one  large  room of
       Cheops which would perfectly fit the Ark.  But the best twist yet is
       a recessed chamber which is cut into the wall in such a fashion that
       the Ark would fit directly in the largest lower space.  That chamber
       is stepped in  a  pyramid  type  fashion  also  and  is  marked with
       SPIRALLING SCORCH marks that run to the top of the chamber!

       Mary and Dean believe that the Ark  was charged and placed into this
       recessed chamber.  When the Ark was triggered to release its

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       accumlated energy, it  discharged  upwards and formed the spiralling
       configuration that is now seen as the scorch marks on the wall.

       The scanned image  of  the Hardy1.GIF  file  shows  something  quite
       fascinating with regard to such a comparison of the Ark (Tesla Coil)
       placed in a   pyramid  structure  to  produce  this   Double   Helix
       spiralling energy emanating from the tip.

       The original photo was taken by Dr. J.D. Nelson of the University of
       Wyoming.  From the limited information we have concerning how it was
       done, the pyramid  shape  is made of soldered copper sheet, possibly
       with a crystal placed at the apex.

       The Tesla coil is placed so that the  electrical  emission occurs at
       the 2/3’s power point of the pyramid.  We do not  know  the  voltage
       though we think it is approximately 200,000 Volts.

       Dean says he  thinks  that  the light curtain that projects from the
       pyramid due to the Tesla coil arcing  is  NOT acrylic sheet but that
       the pyramid is supported by acrylic columns.

       It would seem that acrylic sheet would help to concentrate  the ions
       and further intensify  the  energy  emissions,  so there is room for
       experiment here.

       Also note that this photo was taken  in  a  perfectly  dark room and
       with a time  exposure  of  about  1  to 3 minutes, (our  information
       regarding the technical details is very limited).

       Some other points  of speculation about possible ways of duplicating
       and or optimizing this phenomenal experiment :

          1)  Use a tunable Tesla coil  and  try  various  frequencies  for
              different or more pronounced effects.

          2)  Try other types of metal than copper or even  use  alloys  or
              layered sheets.

          3)  Try a crystal on the apex, various types and/or shapes.

          4)  Try  to redirect or channel the double helix energy through a
              wire or conduit.

          5)  Arrange to bombard plants to  see if the energy is beneficial
              or destructive  to living tissues (this might  serve  as  the
              ULTIMATE MWO, see MWO1 on KeelyNet).

          6)  For  those familiar with Reich’s Orgone Energy, such a hybrid
              might produce  bizarre and  even  hazardous  effects,  so  be

       Just one word  of  warning,  we have information that  leads  us  to
       believe that crystals  used  in conjunction with high voltage energy
       sources might be hazardous if the  apexes  of  excited  crystals are
       pointed towards living tissue, so TAKE THIS AS A WARNING!

       We urge further  experiments  and sharing of your findings  in  such
       areas.  Thanks for your attention.