Pyramids & All-Seeing Eyes Infiltrate Will.i.am and Justin Bieber’s thatPOWER Music Video

If you listen to the radio in the car, one of the music hits still getting a lot of airplay is the collaboration between Will.i.am and Justin Bieber with the remix of the Black Eyed Peas star’s song titled ‘ thatPOWER.’ It’s not the fact that the two artists decided to work together or even the lyrics of the song that is raising eyebrows, but it is the content found in their music video that is filled with blatant questionable symbolism, including pyramids and the ever-popular symbol appearing in videos of today – the all-seeing eye often associated with the Illuminati and Masonic symbolism.

Triangles and pyramid-like shapes appear throughout the video in displays that are quite hard to ignore. In some cases, the triangles are inverted, but are still a tactic used by the occult and other groups who see various meanings in the positioning of their symbols. In another scene, Willi.am and his dancers move in front of what appears to be a triangle or pyramid design that is illuminated with lights.

A suspected Illuminati-motivated music video wouldn’t be complete without the insertion of the all-seeing eye. We’ve seen previous artists showcase the symbol through tattoo art, clothing designs, and jewelry, but in the ‘thatPOWER’ music video, it’s placed large and direct to decorate the wall in the background of a scene. There is no mistaken the intentional use of the eye, which also has more of an Egyptian feel to it seen at the corner.

In the above image, we see Will.i.am holding what looks like a glowing orb in his hands. However, upon closer inspection, the position of his arms in conjunction with the glowing sphere gives off the illusion of something quite similar to the illuminated pyramid. The structure that the musician is standing also mirrors the construction of what ancient pyramid steps may have looked like. Even the formation of his dancers seems to create a triangle-like appearance.

For those of you already familiar with Saturn worship and ‘death cube’ imagery, the ‘thatPOWER’ music video incorporates such themes. With a history that dates back to ancient occult days, the cube is viewed by some as a symbol that represents the existence of shape shifters who use the three-dimensional properties of such symbols as a method of control. This cube-like symbol has a glowing effect in the video, and appears on more than one occasion.

Will.i.am is no stranger to embracing the symbolism often associated with the Illuminati, especially single-eye symbolism. As you can see in the Fortune magazine cover, he uses a camera to create the one-eyed effect. When Will.i.am joined Britney Spears for a duet titled, “Scream and Shout,” the music video they produced included some of the same kinds of imagery as ‘thatPOWER.’

For example, the artist is seen in front of a multitude of triangles of varying sizes. Single-eyed symbolism comes in the form of a man being portrayed with a camera lens for an eye. The song lyrics and other imagery found in the video has also been noted as referred to MK Ultra mind control and programming.