Radionic devices and sources

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Radionic devices and sources


Reprinted by permission of Lor’D Industries Ltd.

A mysterious looking device occupied the center of the big research lab just outside of Oxford, England. George de LaWarr, head of the huge laboratory complex, and several technicians were busily making last minute adjustments to some of the dials that covered the apparatus. With a final nod of approval, Dr. de La Warr inserted a piece of ordinary photographic film into an opening in the device and after a few moments, removed a picture of his wife and himself on their wedding day…..30 years before!

Shortly after that, in the Cumberland Valley, a scientist from the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau put a photo of an insect-infested field into a similar device along with a tiny amount of insecticide. Forty-eight hours later, the insects in the infested field…many miles away…were all dead!

The device these people were using was a psionic or radionic “Black Box”, and it’s either the miracle of the century or the greatest ripoff since P.T.Barnum. The FDA and AMA claim it has no value. Of course, that’s what they said about Laetril, too.

Personally, after seeing how much has been accomplished through psionics by so many hundreds of people over the past 30 years, I’m convinced it works! It’s just that there are so many ways to apply this discovery that it sounds just too good to be true. For example, the fruit grower in the midwest, who used psionics in the past to fertilize and immunize her orchards, reports huge success for very little cost and effort but not without some dangers. Last year it seems she was in a hurry and put a whole batch of “tree photos” into the device at one time, instead of individually. By doing so she inadvertently changed the genetic structure of the trees, and they all began bearing wild mutations of fruit! She lost a good portion of her orchard.

Now I agree, that’s a lot for the average guy to swallow but there’s a lot of evidence to support these claims. Take Galen Heironymus for an example. Using a psionic device of his own design, he monitored the entire life support system of the Apollo astronauts while they were in space. With no “link up” to the astronauts, other than his “Black Box”, he successfully received all the correct data…before NASA did!

The fact is that devices such as these are being used daily by scientists and psychics in England, Australia, Canada, The Soviet Bloc and Western Europe, to accomplish with the power of thought, some of the most awesome feats in the history of mankind.

Psionics definitely isn’t some quack theory dreamed up by a mad scientist. The principles upon which it is based were researched by some of the most prestigious learning centers in the world among them Columbia, Duke and Pennsylvania Universities, The Soviet Academy of Sciences and even Dow Chemical Company! Several organizations and foundations have been established to further the study of uses for this incredible phenomena. One such is located in Washington, D.C. and was originaly chaired by the world famous Dr. Wernher Von Braun!

Another was headed by astronaut Edgar Mitchell who had all of those weird experiences in space. He gave up space flight and went into psionics! If all these “eggheads” are interested, you can bet your bottom dollar there’s something there of immense interest and value.

And if it really doesn’t work, as the AMA claims, why has Great Britain licensed hundreds of doctors to use it in their daily practice? Why do so many patients in Europe swear by it? How can it get such impressive results that it’s been an approved medical practice for over 30 years?

The reason the government labels it quackery is all tied up in the way it supposedly works. Unfortunately, here in the United States if a new discovery doesn’t first meet standard theory, it isn’t even given a test, on the assumption that it can’t possibly work. And the theory behind psionics is based on Quantum physics, which still is a bad word to so many old line scientists who cling to Newtonian concepts even in the face of overwhelming proof. Briefly the theory goes like this…

All matter in the Universe is composed of small packets of pure energy known as Quantas. This energy, which goes into the making up of atoms, pulsates or resonates at a particular frequency. Each atom being different has a slightly different pulsation or frequency. Thus, each material thing, being made up of a combination of atoms(called molecules), has its own unique frequency, unlike any other, very much like the difference in snowflakes.

Through the efforts of researchers like Dr. Ruth Drown and later Dr. Harold Burr, it was discovered that because each individual thing is unique…no potato is exactly like any other potato…there exists an “empathy” between the whole potato and each of its individual parts. For example, if you slice a potato in half, the frequency of each half is exactly the same! The only example of that frequency anywhere in the cosmos!

The rub arose when these researchers claimed that an affinity existed between these two pieces. Sort of like the mysterious thing that exists between sets of identical twins. This affinity or empathetic resonance formed a link between the two pieces no matter how much distance separated them. It was some kind of an energy link that operated like a radio wave. And they found that by using one piece as a sort of tuning crystal in a special kind of transmitter, they could cause a reaction in the other piece…even miles away!

(As I’ve said, it’s almost common in twins, and it’s been discovered in plants so why the heck not in two slices of potato?) Although psionics (or radionics as it first was called) was originally discovered here in the U.S., harassment by the government automatically gave the lead away to England where they soon discovered that when this principle was applied to people, startling things began to happen.

For example, if a sample such as a drop of blood was taken from an individual who had a headache, and this sample was inserted into the psionic device along with, say an aspirin, that individual would soon be cured of the headache even if he were halfway around the world! What’s more, they found the same principle holds true for diagnosis. By using a drop of blood, saliva or even a snip of hair, they could quickly determine just what the “patient” was suffering from, then treat him quickly in the orthodox manner or psionically…without ever meeting him/her in person!

That’s what the AMA says is poppycock, even if there are thousands of people who have claimed to have been cured by this method over the past 30 years!

Despite what the AMA thinks, clinics all over Europe and the Eastern countries licensed by their governments annually treat thousands of patients, and all claim a high rate of success even, in some cases, with the supposedly “terminally ill”!

And don’t think that the Russians are going to be left out. They have the decided knack of taking all of the “wacky” ideas and turning them into weapons. They didn’t waste any time with this one either. They have supposedly developed units to locate skipping defectors anywhere in the world just by using a map and a photograph or hank of hair. They also claimed to have tracked one of our nuclear submarines with psionics…The Thresher! Remember what happened to it! They have apparently been so successful with using their device for thought manipulation that the CIA reportedly had a jamming device built just to protect the President from it! Unknown to the public, the cold war went into a modern phase known in secret circles as Espionage. As Joseph Goodavage stated publically back in 1975,”I have it from several reliable sources that an incredibly sophisticated form of psionic warfare is now being conducted by at least four major powers”!

Believing that the “proof is in the pudding”, former Brig. Gen. Henry Gross started a firm which manufactured psionic devices for agricultural use. After demonstrations, the testimonials came flooding in. The Pennsylvania Farm Bureau wanted exclusive use of the device in Pennsylvania. Large agricultural corporations from California, New Mexico and the Southern states as well as many along the eastern coast attested to the almost miraculous results attained through psionics…and just for pennies!

Fantastic crops with prolific yeilds. As the Tucson Daily Herald put it…”truly a push-button war on bugs”!, and the agriculturists weren’t the only ones impressed. Read what the others had to say!

John Campbell, science editor…”This machine is almost pure magic! In the old real sense it cast spells, imposes death magic and can be used for life magic! The machine works beautifully!”

Joseph Goodavage, Author and Science Reporter…”The psionic device is a time machine”!

Monterey County Farm Bureau…”We have been using psionic control on cotton…and found no occasion to use insecticide! On untreated fields, however, our cost for insecticde was in excess of $26 an acre!”

The Cortaro Management Co….”We will use the psionic device next year on our entire 2800 acres…if we get the same results as on our test fields, we’re going to save around $60,000!”

These astonishing machines are accepted by a large portion of the new scientists. As Lynn Schroeder and Shiela Ostrander said in their book “Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain,”…”There is a new force here that can be directed with the mind!” Psionic scientist Dr. Albert Abrams agreed, stating…”all forms of matter possess a quality that puts them in touch with each other’s signals!” Or, as Joseph Goodavage described it, “These machines have circuits that detect, amplify and direct human thought and emotion, whatever thoughts are on the mind of the person who operates the machine!”

Statements like that can be downright scary, conjuring up visions of voodoo witch doctors with dolls full of pins. But you have to sit up and take notce when learned and sophisticated scientists make statements like that of Dr. William Hale, former chief of Dow Cemical Co., research, when he explained, “The psionic device connects a purely mental function, which we call ESP, with an image on a photographic plate,” which is the explanation of how researchers analyzed emmanations from relics of the prehistoric past and captured them on film!

Voodoo or not, perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is the statement by Dr. Ruth Drown, herself one of the early pioneers of psionics, when she said,”There is a resonance between the whole body and each of its parts. Whatever we can do within our own bodies can also be done to others with these electronic devices…even at a distance!”

Actual operation of a psionic device is a relatively simple matter depending upon what you’re trying to accomplish. For example, attempting to rid your garden of pests or transmitting a telepathic impression to influence others at a distance is an easy procedure that almost anyone can follow with no problem. You merely put a “sample” of the target into the device, which can be a drop of blood, saliva, or hank of hair…even just a photograph, along with the regeant you intend to use such as insecticide or herbicide, turn the machine on…and think! (Of course in the case of telepathy you don’t include the insecticide or herbicide!)

By making your own set of graphs, you can analyze any unknown compound or ore sample and even locate a missing or lost object or person. A small oil company recently was reported to have used the device with great success when they located a huge untapped oil deposit in the arctic.

Radionic/psionic units were almost impossible to obtain here in the U.S. until Lor’D Industries began manufacturing them. Now you can easily order any one of several different models at an exceptionally low cost. What’s more, with each new discovery in the field, the units are constantly being updated and now come complete with built-in “whole brain entertainment”…the most advanced concept in psionics…

Because the FDA and AMA still consider these devices to be of an unproven nature…even “quack” remedies, the Lor’D firm makes no claims for them, and they’re sold strictly as experimental apparatus. The Alpha 2A model is designed and built to the European standards and may be used to duplicate their experiments as well as utilizing homeopathic procedures and “remedies”.

For more information on Lor’D Industries and Radionics/Psionics send a catalog request to: Lor’D Industries LTD. Box 156 Dept. D Hancock WI 54943

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