Rapper Mykki Blanco Eagerly Embraces the Dark Side as the Illuminati Prince/ss

When it comes to embracing the Illuminati within the music world, it isn’t just mainstream, well-known, celebrity-status artists guilty of supporting the secret society and associated symbolism. There are lesser-known entertainers who help spread the message in their lyrics, public appearances, and stage persona. One example you’ve most likely haven’t heard of is drag rapper Mykki Blanco, who recently appeared in a gender-bending photo shoot WAD Magazine, and refers to themself as the ‘Illuminati Princess.’

Mykki Blanco is the stage name for performance artist, Michael Quattlebaum Jr., who raps, writes poetry, and most recently, models in Gautier in an issue of WAD Magazine, a French publication that stands for ‘We Are Different.’ Blanco expresses him/herself through mixtapes, releasing music as digital downloads.

The first mixtape that Blanco produced for the public was in November of 2012, and it was called ‘Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss’ with a style of rap that has been described as masculine, aggressive, ‘angelic,’ and feminine all at once. It is no wonder that Blanco mentions the ‘Illuminati’ on more than one track.

Another example of Blanco’s embrace to the dark side is found in the single titled ‘Wavvy,’ which is found on Blanco’s ‘Cosmic Angel’ mixtape. It starts off with “Welcome to hell…this is Mykki Blanco.” Within the first lines, he makes a reference to the ‘New World Order.’  As he raps, Blanco has also referred to him/herself as being ‘devilish,’ ‘a serpent,’ ‘a savage,’ and a ‘beast’ – all references that have been used to describe the Devil. The music video for ‘Wavvy’ is also troublesome – depicting one huge orgy-like scene of chaos.

In 2013, Blanco released his second project, which was titled ” Betty Rubble: The Initiation,” which is an interesting choice of words. Once again, the rapper is making a strong reference to secret societies, as members of organizations and groups, such as the Illuminati and Freemasons, do undergo an initiation as part of their rituals.

Critics have referred to Blanco’s raps as being ‘intense and sometimes demonic.’ In the music video for one of his latest songs, ‘The Initiation,’ Blanco is dressed in black as he crawls on his knees throughout the city streets in a menacing manner. His special-effects altered cranium depicts another ‘face,’ which is his own. The beginning lyrics sound like a ‘chant’ with religious-like references such as ‘espiritu.’ The majority of Blanco’s rap is spoken in Latin.

The overall video for ‘The Initiation’ is quite disturbing and creepy as Blanco wildly crawls throughout each scene for the majority of the music video, where it ends in a bloody scene of underground cage-fighting showing him getting paid for what appears to be a fight to the death.

If you can’t get a sense of the messages that Mykki Blanco sends because you haven’t seen a music video or heard a song by the artist, consider the artwork on the promotional poster shown above, which depicts the rapper. At the center of the poster is an upside-down triangle with the rapper emerging from the center. To the right of Blanco is the words ‘Teen Witch.’ The entire poster takes on a duality-centered theme, where mirrored images appear – namely an eagle, transparent naked bodies with their skeleton showing through, and what looks like a pair of fetuses.