Research Base In Colorado on a 4th Dimensional Frequency

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Rather than at Dulce, NM, as so much has been written about in the
disinformation circles, the true alien underground research base is located
in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. The
research base is on a 4th dimensional frequency, though there is another
facility intimately connected to a physical one as well.

The nature of research and development in the San Luis Valley base is
bringing about more ways to control how people sleep and what they do while
they leave their bodies during sleep. As people are reached, then they are
implanted with new methods that now allow them to be further manipulated
through their thoughts during the day. These methods are far more effective
than what has been researched and used through satellite radiowave
transmitting to manipulate human group consciousness until now.

These dream and thought implants will help enslave more souls, not only to
create programmed thinking during the day, but to work at night as well, to
enslave people. The dreams will also be a great loss to people because they
will lose a major part of their experience while they are implanted and
controlled during sleep time.

Many are already implanted in this form from long ago. This new technology
allows for greater and farther reaching operations. For example, it will now
be easier to ”˜get’ people not only in the U.S., but also in Australia where
they also have established underground facilities, as well as dream
monitoring facilities. With old technology they were able to implant and
control some people, but only to the level of bringing them to places and
forcing them to work. Now they are able to take them from one dream and
manipulate not only their presence, but also how they will behave in an
entirely new way, due to wave-form manipulation and the new ability to fully
implant “memories” in situ – they will now be allocated to a certain
scenario and hold in mind a new program which will “remind” them of the role
they are to play during that dream. Like hatching a robot and having the
program ready in its memory, the people now receive instantaneous “jobs”
during their visit to sleep realms.

This also allows them to somehow trap people in dreams and make them
officially dead when needed, or to put them into a coma, and later on
changing them into other bodies altogether, through reincarnational
technology to swap bodies and whatnot.

The only way people would usually have to protect themselves against these
methods would be through the use of guardian services by familiar spirits,
or to construct energy forms to keep the bodies and umbilical thread (link
of soul to body during travels) secured and connected to soul in order to
transmit what the individual has programmed him or herself to do before

The person is then allowed to gather enough strength to resist the
manipulation and lessening of their vibration to the level where the slave
areas are located. . .
(Through Aristenna of the Spiritual Hierarchies Council of Light)
While this sounds very much like something out of a Nightmare on Elm Street
movie, one only has to experience the moment-to-moment ability of these dark
forces to use infinite methods for implanting the individual both during the
day and any time at night (see my article on Tori’ Story and how she was
implanted in the group files section:
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/4truthseekers/files/ ).

A recent History Channel program on the ”˜gray agenda’ tries to slough off
the whole alien abduction phenomena as a dream state phenomena and they
perhaps don’t realize how true this is for dreams are simply
multidimensional experiences of life as Erica experienced while in the San
Luis Valley working on researching this underground facility:
“Last night, in the middle of a dream I was having. It was a bright room
with a lot of people I seemed to know. It was dark outside, and people were
looking for others they knew. Lauren (a friend) was in the dream. All of a
sudden I was made aware of an implant, one I used to have in the uterus, one
that had been taken out earlier in the day by energy healers. Someone, or
group, wanted to put it back inside of me. They made it so I couldn’t move
my body, couldn’t pick up my arms, couldn’t speak. I was very scared,
wondering what was going on, and if I had really been abducted in the past
and hadn’t been aware of it. They showed me a flashback (I think) of the
kind of alien you see on keychains, the ones with the triangular-shaped head
and huge beady eyes. He was staring at me with no emotion but a lot of
curiosity it seemed.

“I was laying on a table looking up at him, and he was doing some sort of
finishing touch on an operation, sewing something up. I was extremely scared
after this flashback, even though it only lasted a few seconds. After that
my body started feeling hot and buzzing and they were trying to take me. I
tried to yell out for Peter but couldn’t speak. I resisted a lot, and then
was able to move and to speak.  I woke up.

“When I went back to sleep about an hour later, the same thing happened and
they came disguised as various people: my boss, a big group of boys, a man
in the hot springs saying: “let me heal you”. Each time I resisted and each
time they tried harder to take me and implant me again.”

Erica’s experience was very, very real, as most people who have recollection
of their abduction will attest. Abductees I have worked with before say that
as many as 50 percent of the population has been abducted and similarly
implanted in this way. The figure can be going much higher even as we speak.
Everyone is implanted in some way, either from this lifetime or previous
ones since this has been an ongoing war for many many lifetimes and what we
are now experiencing is simply, and hopefully, the final stages, the grand
battle for all of Creation.

Alien Abduction and Dream Wars Technology  Part 2
Andre Gonzatti and Peter Farley

In the dreamscape there are already some outposts, but people sometimes
dodge them for fear or feelings of shame or that they are not ready to
connect yet because of ego’s attachment to other groups, a separation or
blockage of True Divinity expression and perception.

The outposts are already filled with people, but most of them only go once
and then give up what they are to do in this lifetime due to attachment. The
vibration of the dimension they are healed at still doesn’t allow them to
perceive what is in store for them after they reach new levels of surrender.
Since they have no glimpse of how they will feel and be when they are
further healed, then they end up heading to other places or giving
themselves up to other types of guidance that offer more candy than truth
and healing.

Even with Our Light being true, earthlings have grown too attached to the
wrong idea of what is good and what is bad, and what is spiritual and what
is not. Sometimes they see truth as bad or offensive because of how attached
they are to old ideas inside their programming.

The proper way to detach people from their old patterns is by having them
notice the irony of how they pollute and then try unpolluting them. Also how
they become attached to how things fade away in their lives without them
disconnecting all the time, when they can simply see that theses things have
faded and now there are new things for them to enjoy. Angels show it to them
all the time but there is extensive programming that slows down how they
move through phases and emotions, instead of learning on a faster lane.

Back on these bases under these deserted areas there is more information
being generated as they get to people and research how they are able to also
magnify attachment, especially to the feeling of work for rewards:  working
further in dreams will also create a sense of need for a reward, as it is a
natural outcome. Then they will receive none. They will feel further
frustrated, and perhaps pass on this feeling to others while they work on
their 3rd dimensional life that the rewards aren’t good enough. But payment
will not increase, and the economy isn’t getting much better, inflation
comes but no salary raises ensue. The mass consciousness will feel this
build up of frustration and pressure as well. Thus we have the building up
of a classical picture: a population angry with too much work, little
payment and less consumption power, due to the increasing discrepancy
between payment and prices.

Something will happen to direct all this anger. Like in Germany, again there
is a scenario where a group will have to be blamed. The most probable group
being blamed is one of the more marginal ethnical ones. Sure this time it
will not be the Jews, but instead the Latinos and blacks, the scapegoats of
immigration and illegal border crossing. Imported as a cheap work force, now
they will serve a new purpose: that of a target and excuse for failure to
contour financial problems by the government while they feed the only
industry that matters: the propaganda industry. Civil war is at hand there,
not against the government alone, but also between the people that once
united in aiming at their governors. Divided they are better ruled, and
defeated. Now government can destroy more of its opposition and have the
other part join their side as “the favored and protected ones”. Kissing ass
saves the day once again.

Aristenna and Ergotarh, Supreme High Councillor of the Spiritual Hierarchy’s
Council of Light


Part 3 Dream Wars And New World Order Programming
by Peter Farley and Andre Gonzatti

People have always been manipulated, be it by criminal implants to limit and
control, or through programming the mass consciousness using grid
programming and implants. There are innumerable forms of control to command
low-level consciousness people. These are the ones that give in to ego
desires and begin to lose consciousness making them more easily controlled.
Ego is the birth of control and limitation, it bends the will into what
pleases it, only pleasure, and that is often because the person will not see
what is best instead of what is more pleasant. As Light begins to be blocked
by dense feelings then does information and vision become blurred and
potentially even completely blocked. It is limitation taking shape and
bending souls into a deformed and less- or even non-functional form.

So it was when people began experimenting with powers beyond their
comprehension during the ages of Atlantis and Lemuria and on other planets
also. Due to the dissemination of ego-darkness/destructive self-will,
artificial *merkaba (see below) reactors meant to alter reality were used to
bring negativity to an amplified state. This ended many civilizations and
their people.

Implants are made for shaping light into new patterns. These patterns may be
used for positive or negative purposes, darkness uses them for the negative
path to more control””indirectly more often than directly. They limit sight
and then make Beings more easily controlled, like docile animals or the dumb
donkey that will follow the carrot, instead of being free to walk where the
person chooses or be guided for the best results.

This ego has been riding the back of humanity. In Atlantis, they grew
attached to the experiences brought by implants that allowed
multidimensional travel. They wanted to travel without being ready, because
it would take too long, hard self-realization and healing, facing self and
its many and varied characteristics. Then they went against the Ascended
Masters of that time and the Council of Light which had many of its people
there to guide the development of the community. The guidance was
deliberately ignored by the “leaders” of this research and tech development
and in charge of its application.

People were traveling with “polluted” fields with the help of artificial
merkaba technology, some of these fields being filtered during safety
procedures and “healing” before implant activation so that the travels could
be done within safety and a fully enjoyable state of mind (like is now
visualized to be used in the highest of ”˜virtual reality’ technology). These
procedures were not enough. They were like the vaccines now used that aren’t
the best solution, they only make up for the organism’s inability to clear
itself without external help. Vaccines may protect against specific, known
and expected viruses or bacteria. They do not enable the Being to change and
reach farther spiritually, emotionally or physically, to have the power to
deal with the invading pathogens on its own. It only allows one to obtain
something needed at the moment, instead of giving them a new level of
operation. So it was with the pollution/dark thought patterns. These were
cleansed and sometimes transmuted, but the travel-implant users still had a
lack of control over their thoughts. The preparation would allow for the
users to not think about darkness and some other images or patterns that
would magnify and bring trouble. But the nature of this traveling was meant
to bring major trouble. The users would give birth to new deformities during
their trips. They were not ready to deal with the delicate balance of the
higher dimensions.

Much like the drugs that so many people use today, even the love they
experienced was a problem due to their inability to feel it properly without
causing interruption to the flow. They were like shadows because the Light
could not pass through them, they were too “dense” somehow and were like
invaders on those realms.

It would feel to them like they, as artificial travelers, were on the water,
making it move and change its arrangement, but in this case, each movement
made on the water brought disturbance to the arrangement of the balance in
that dimension. Traveling through a dimension demands that the traveler is
at least on the same vibration level of the realm he or she is located upon,
otherwise they are like a shadow that pollutes the region as they travel
through it. They are pushed into that vibration but as they become attached
to something in that dimension and it is magnified, a chain reaction usually
comes and further densifies the traveler’s light body on that plane of
existence. Then he is too heavy, or of too low a vibration to stay in that
place, he is like a man on a silk-paper floor, the floor tears and he falls
down through it. Then, as he falls, he is on another level, maybe able to
balance himself, but usually the fall is magnified because of the loss of
balance through the focusing on dark-patterned thoughts. The only way to be
on a higher dimension and stable is through Love and of a minimal level
equivalent to that dimensional level.

* Merkaba . . . also spelled Merkabah. . . is the divine light vehicle used
by the Masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher
“Mer” means Light. “Ka” means Spirit. “Ba” means Body.
Mer-Ka-Ba means the Spirit / Body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of
Light, (wheels within wheels), spirals of energy as in DNA, which transports
Spirit / Body from one dimension to another.


Peter R. Farley
Roswell, NM 88202

Peter R. Farley
Roswell, NM 88202